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Alaska Binge Drinking Laws

Agencies report that over 45 million people in the U.S. over the age of 12 have reported binge drinking. A good percentage of these persons were under the legal age for alcohol consumption in the U.S, which is 21. In Alaska a state rated in the top ten of reported states that use and abuse alcohol. Binge Drinking is a looming problem with legislators studying laws to curb these types of activities.

Most Alaska Binge Drinkers Underage

On campuses across the country including Alaska university presidents are promising to bring an end to the practice enjoyed by many underage drinkers.

However a researcher that is studying the problem of binge drinking on campuses says it is too little too late. With weak binge drinking laws in Alaska students in the state are at greater risk.

Alaska Binge Drinking Laws Fall Short

In a few cities with university campuses drink specials and little or no enforcement of alcohol laws getting a drink is cheaper and easier than ever before for college students. In a country were about 1,300 student death per year attributed to binge drinking or alcohol linked wrecks and falls. Most state just turn a blind eye to the problem and react when a tragedy occurs.

No Help From Alaska Campuses

Many campus administrators claim there is not much they can do to stop young students who are determined to drink themselves into stupors on weekends.

Alaska Binge Drinking Starts Early

But Educational advocacy groups say that the problem start before the student reach college campuses in secondary and schools across the nation and college just were the student get more freedom and loss control.

Alaska’s Rural Areas Try To Tackle In Age Old Problem

In Alaska’s outback were alcohol abuse is prevalent, and an age old issue. The a law enforcement study said that alcohol abuse, not drugs, is the number one reason for increases crime in rural Alaska.

Strict Laws In Some Rural Areas Of Alaska Have Helped Little

Even with these laws that have been on the books for decades, alcohol abuse is still a big problem in the rural areas in Alaska because of bootlegging and smuggling. Alaska law enforcement’s Drug and Alcohol Report says that there is big money in these types of crimes. Alcohol bought in places where there is Alcohol goes for a 400% mark up in town that have limited alcohol and a 1000% in dry towns.

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