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Alaska DUI Law


Your DUI attorney will need you to be honest with him or her. Please know that you should be honest with your DUI attorney because it is important to your defense. Also keep in mind that the things you tell your DUI attorney are strictly confidential and legally protected under attorney/client privilege. This is the law in all states not just Alaska.

Get The Help You Need

A person charged with DUI in Alaska should seek competent representation and should remember that their Attorney may be able to help find issues that may get the charges against you dismissed. DUI attorneys are trained to find loopholes in DUI cases and use them to get the charges dropped or they might make the prosecutor realize that they have a weak case and offer you a plea bargain.

Even In The Worst Case A DUI Attorney Help

However, they can’t get every ones charges dropped when the facts don’t add up, or your blood alcohol level was way over the legal limit and the prosecutor’s case has no holes in it. But, even in the worst circumstances, a DUI lawyer may be able to help.

Being Honest May Identify Issues That Can Help You

Your lawyer may want you go into some kind help group to help you if there is an alcohol issue you maybe suffering from. Better DUI attorneys try to show the judge or jury that you are changing your ways to get leniency from the judge or jury. But, he cannot help you with these issues if you are not completely honest with any problems you may be going through.

Try To Find An Attorney With Free Consultations

Finding a DUI attorney you can trust will help you in being honest with your DUI attorney. Before you choose a DUI attorney, try to be sure your lawyer knows the legal area of drunk driving defense. Most will probably have a lot questions for the DUI attorney. Try to find DUI attorney that gives free consultations, because you will have many questions. This may not be possible, because many of the top DUI attorneys do not give free consultations. Because they are in high demand and are very busy and free consultations are just not available.

Be Honest About Financial Concerns

If you do not make a lot of money, you might not want to talk to a lawyer because you think that the lawyer’s fees will be too high. This may be true. However, you will never know whether you can afford a DUI attorney until you check around for a lawyer. So call a DUI attorney and be honest, tell him or her about your financial situation he may be able to help you or he can point you in the direction of someone who can.

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated, it is best that you find a DUI attorney in Alaska to help you – One you can trust.

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