Arizona DUI Laws

Being caught driving under the influence may get you incarcerated, cost you your driving privileges, cost you a lot of money and your employment. If you have been charged with a DUI in Arizona, you need to find a the best Arizona driving under the influence attorney that practices only defending DUI charges, who will communicate with and that has lots experience in this area. When you see a DUI attorney, you going to want to give him or her as much info about you and your situation and be as honest with or her about all information like:

What You Have Been Charged With

Your attorney will need look at the citation to determine charges have been charged against you and why. He or She will need to know the reason why you were pulled over. What you were doing when you were stopped. Why you were stopped, a DUI attorney may be able to argue that you were stopped and forced to take a blood alcohol level test for no legal reason.

Accident Reports

If you got into an accident and it was the reason got charged with a DUI, your attorney will need to be informed of the damage to any vehicles involved. He or she should know about all parties involved in the accident and if they were also charged with DUI. This will surely affect your case

Medical Problems

An Arizona DUI Attorney will need you to be honest about any medical problem you have. This may have some bearing on your case.

An Account Really Happened

Be honest about what happen even some detail that you think is insignificant could help or hurt or case.

Any Past Arrests

Any prior issues you have had with the law must be addressed. So be very honest a clear about this record it will help in the long run.

Let Your Lawyer Know Everything

DUIs are not nice problems that will go away, they must be addressed aggressively if you want the result to been positive and in your favor. By being honest with your attorney and giving your Arizona DUI attorney all the information he or she needs you are giving them the tools that they need to defend your case.

Based off all the information, your attorney may want you to plead bargain to a lesser charge, like reckless driving.

Originally posted 2016-12-11 14:37:53.