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Can You Get Drunk Off Of One Beer?

The question is often asked when looking for a designated Driver

Can you get drunk off of one beer? Legal limits of blood alcohol levels are .08 per state. So is one beer too much for some people? Well this depends on several factors. Your weight, gender, drinks consumed and the time that has elapsed since you last drank will all determine what you Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels are. Using several blood alcohol concentration calculators we have determined that unless you weigh one hundred pounds or less, your BAC won’t be over .08 with only one beer. With two however, drank within one hour it gets very close.

Things To Factor In

Because of so many factors involved in calculating the blood alcohol concentration levels accurately, this cannot be the case for every situation. Factors such as how many ounces are in one bottle of beer, the alcohol level in each drink and many other potentially changing factors can change and not accurately and with one hundred percent certainty conclude that you will not be over the legal limit with only one beer, but based on the factors and calculators we have used, it would be a safe bet to assume that you would not be over the legal limit with one beer.

Remember that with the many factors involved with the calculators to conclude how many beers you can have before you are over the legal blood alcohol content levels these assumptions cannot be completely accurate. This is just a rough estimate as to what someone’s BAC would be based on a few factors. This cannot be used as a guideline for how much you can drink and we are not responsible for any actions or damages resulting from this information.

Food Fight The Beer

There is also the question of when is the last time you ate. You can feel drunk and be a danger to others more on an empty stomach than you would otherwise. Comparing beer to other drinks such as vodka would require a look into the alcohol level of the drink you have. The best advice to follow is never drink and drive.

So Can you get Drunk off of one beer?

Based on the many factors that we have looked into, we can conclude that in most cases one beer would not put you over the legal limit of .08 per state. Unless you weigh 100 pounds, you could probably get away with two and still be under that limit in most cases. Don’t risk it though; the many other tests and difficulty of getting out of a DUI are not worth the risk. Better to take a taxi, call for a ride or a variety of other options available to you if you have had a few drinks.

Know Your BAC Level

Calculation of the blood alcohol concentration has shown that females consuming alcohol translates to a higher BAC then men. The body weight, constant metabolism and drinking period. Water content of the person also plays a role in determining the exact peak blood alcohol concentration. The water content is actually a better way to determine the blood alcohol concentration and it has been shown that bubbles in sparkling wine may enter the blood stream faster, thus slightly changing the time of last drink.

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