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Controversial DUI Laws in Alaska

Legislation in front of the Alaska Congress will make drunk driving penalties a lot tougher. A few of these laws would affect Alaskan drunk drivers even before they have been convicted. An Alaskan lawmaker introduced the news laws after the death of a woman on Seward Highway in Alaska that had 2 previous driving under the influence convictions, got a 3rd plea-bargained and was looking at fourth charge in the court system when she died in the accident.

Some Do Not Agree With New Laws

However some Alaska lawmakers do not think that tougher laws by themselves will help with the problem of drunk driving in Alaska. They say that Alaska must deal with its drinking culture and writing new laws will be the only solution. Those that pass laws won’t really make people change their habits or get treatment for their alcohol problem.

Lost Of Driving Privileges Forever

One of the laws will revoke a persons driving privileges forever in the state of Alaska this is very controversial. Some say the person will just continue to drive illegally because it is already illegal to drive drunk and the laws did not stop the person from doing driving while under the influence.

Getting People To Do Some Thing About DUI

The writer of the new laws says that he would like to see people get treatment and he is not in opposition to this to. However the aims of the new laws are to get people to discuss the issue and do something about it. Also, the authority in Alaska that is responsible for traffic safety resource prosecuting thinks teaching alcohol drinkers about the dizzying array of driving under the influence laws that already exist will be a good place to start in deterring driving while under the influence.

Finding Of New DUI Research

A recent study conducted by a university in the northwest that asked incarcerated driving under the influence convicts a series of questions found out that the majority of them thought that residential treatment is better than placing them in jail to prevent driving under the influence. Only 50% thought that tougher penalties would help slow down drunk driving.

More Shocking Findings

Alaska’s driving under the influence laws are already tougher than most states in the region. The same study also found out that most felony driving under the influence offenders say they have driven drunk over 300 with being caught. Most experts thought the number was around 80 times.

Alaska Is A Tough State To Drive Drunk In

Last year Alaska became one of the many states that added ignition locking device requirements and penalties to drunk driving legislation. This make Alaska a tough state to be caught drinking and driving in the new law will just add to this.

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