Controversial DUI Laws in Arizona


Arizona’s extreme driving under the influence law has become a controversy for many drivers that are charged with DUI from other states.

Are Arizona DUI Penalties Harsh?

What most say are harsh penalties for those charged with an Arizona extreme driving under the influence offense and convicted with it are well know by Arizona residents. But, when people from outside the southwest get charged with these laws what happens?

Do Drunk Drivers Get What They Deserve?

Most would say drunken drivers get what they deserve no matter where they come from, so what? When drivers come to Arizona and get caught drunk driving, they get what they deserve right? No matter how you feel about the issue, there are some unintended things these harsh penalties cause Arizona visitors. These unintended problems really show how out of touch the goals of the laws are and the way these laws are used to get the desired result which should be deterrence.

Do Arizona Extreme DUI Laws Deter?

This is the truth of the matter.

Number one – many people visit Arizona.

Number two – Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws and enforcement in the country.

Number three – even though Arizona has tougher penalties that you would think that would reduce DUI crimes n Arizona, The state has not seen a drop off in driving under the influence convictions they are still about the same. Resent surveys have shown this to be true. So it would seem that the tougher penalties in Arizona have not been the deterrent that some lawmaker had hoped for. So, many visitors in Arizona and not to mention citizens are being faced with DUI charges.

Tough Choice Of Extreme DUI Defendant

Take a look at what a person charged with an Arizona extreme DUI conviction is facing. A first time offense of extreme DUI which is blood alcohol level of .150 and under .200, the shortest jail sentence is a month. If you go to trial you may be facing only one day in jail but your lawyer will have to persuade a jury of your peer that you were just over .08 and below .150 this may be hard to do.

Thirty Days In Jail Is A Tough Sentence

30 days jail is a pretty stiff sentence. But, you can be released to go to work, however if you are a visitor you are going to lose your job most likely.

Do Not Drive Drunk In Arizona

The bottom line is, Arizona’s controversial extreme driving under the influence laws can leave a drunk driver with some pretty tough choices. Chances are drunk drivers will not get a sympathetic ear from Arizona residences or prosecutors. So make sure you get the best legal defense you can afford if you are caught drunk driving in Arizona.

Originally posted 2016-12-11 14:57:11.