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Controversial DUI Laws in Colorado

Any individual convicted of driving drunk in Colorado under the new laws will have to install a breath-monitoring gadget in their cars. This new law was passed in; Alaska, Washington, Illinois, Nebraska and Colorado.

What is an ignition interlock device?

The ignition interlock device is a small handheld breath alcohol monitoring device that is wired to a vehicle’s ignition system. The ignition interlocks prevent the car’s engine from starting until the driver blows into the alcohol detector to test and prove the driver’s sobriety. But critics think that the ignition interlock devise could lead to measures that restrict alcohol policies too much.

DUI laws in Colorado – How is the ignition interlock device implemented?

DUI offenders must pay for the device, which is installed on the dashboard in addition to a monthly state fee and a monthly rental fee. Legislators and government officials are in favor of this program because the installation and maintenance fees are paid for by the DUI offenders and do not affect taxpayers. Periodic testing while the car is running is also required by motorists. A DUI offender in Colorado can install the devices or get a longer suspension.

Circumvent the interlock – and face time in jail

Motorists could try to trick the devices by having someone else blow into the detector or driving someone else’s car. But if they get caught trying to circumvent the interlocks, they could face jail time.

Inconvenience of the interlock device

“It’s amazingly inconvenient,” said David Malham of the Illinois chapter of MADD. “But the flip side of the inconvenience is death.” Most states give judges the option of forcing convicted drunk drivers to use the devices. However, they are rarely ordered unless laws mandate them, according to MADD.

Not everyone is enthusiastic

Even though some may not be as enthusiastic about this new law, its installation allows DUI offenders to continue maintaining their normal everyday life with minimal interruption. DUI offenders are still able to use their car to go to work and live a normal life with one exception, which is a constant reminder every time they try to start the engine. This reminder teaches them that their behavior will not be tolerated and that there are consequences for their irresponsible behavior.

Interlock device showing positive outcomes

Some states have shown a decrease in repeat offenses and drunk driving related deaths due to this new law being in effect, so it seems to be working. But do we really need new laws or just the proper enforcement of laws that are already in place?

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