Controversial DUI Laws in New Jersey


If you are in New Jersey and are convicted for DUI, then you will have to face a number of consequences. If it is your first DUI offense, then you will face about seven month’s license suspension with over $1,000 in fines and fees. For the second DUI offense, you will lose your privilege of driving for a period of 2 years with a huge fine amount. If you are facing subsequent offenses then you will have to install the ignition interlocking device.

Usage of Alcotest – Controversial DUI law

There has been extensive debate on the installation of ignition interlocking device. According to the report presented by a recent poll on AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Website on whether first DUI offense in New Jersey should have compulsory installation of this device, about 61 percent of visitors answered positively and about 85 percent felt that the interlocking device should be installed only for subsequent offenses.

This device is used as an alcotest where you will not be able to start your car until you test your blood sample. If your BAC is over the legal limit, then your car will not start. The new DUI law in New Jersey give judges the authority to decide on whether you should install this device or not. However, according to this poll result, the popular opinion is against those who are accused of this offense. Therefore the New Jersey drivers charged with a DWI offense have to face quite strict consequences which can affect their future driving.

Alcotest usage in DUI cases has resulted in extensive ongoing debate in New Jersey. Therefore, if you feel that you have ever been accused of DUI without you doing any mistake, then you should seek the help of a DUI lawyer or attorney with defense experience in DWI/DWI cases.

Effects of DUI Implied Consent Law in New Jersey

Another issue surrounding the New Jersey DUI laws is that the New Jersey Supreme Court recently announced new laws which are going to affect the implied consent law. This includes a provision where the drivers who are suspected with DUI need to submit their samples for BAC testing. If they refuse then they will have to face license revocation for at least seven months to a year and a fine of up to $1,000 for a first offense. According to the views of the Supreme Court, anybody operating a vehicle is entitled to an explanation of the DUI law in a language which they understand easily.

Though there might be various issues like deaf motorists, implementation of the new legal standard and proof of the language abilities of the driver, most of the DUI cases in New Jersey usually revolve around the objective judgments of the officer of the level of intoxication, reliability of test results and chain of custody for samples. If they are accused of and DUI, then they can seek the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to understand the legal aspects of the laws.

Originally posted 2016-12-11 14:58:21.