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Don’t Drink And Drive Posters


Drinking and driving is a nationwide problem that results in thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States are arrested for drunk driving. In 2010, over 1700 people in California died due to alcohol and/or drugs. Additionally, almost 200,000 people were arrested for DUI with many more being stopped on suspicion of the crime.

In an effort to curb drunk driving, many charitable organizations and individuals are encouraging the use of posters and social media to advertise the dangers of drinking and driving. It is believed that the mass production of these posters will result in an increased awareness designed to curb drinking and driving. Drinking and driving can be an innocent mistake that happens without thought or concern. Even some of the most respected actors, politicians, business owners and athletes have been charged with drinking and driving.

Importance of Don’t Drink and Drive Posters

For years, advertising professionals have promoted the use of alcohol to sell their products. Many television commercials and posters are designed to make people want to drink their product by glamorizing drinking. Typically, television commercials for alcoholic beverages are set in a party that features laughter, friends and fun. While the commercials end with a warning about drinking responsibility, the ads fail to educate viewers on the dangers of drinking alcohol in excess.

However by sharing and promoting the posters, videos and advertisements that share the dangers of drunk driving we may succeed in preventing an increase in DUIs. Drinking responsibly is a cornerstone of our society and alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation. Educating the younger generation on the importance of safely enjoying alcohol is of paramount importance. Education starts with the use of don’t drink and drive posters and television advertisements.

Where to Find Don’t Drink and Drive Posters

Don’t drink and drive posters can be purchased from a multitude of websites online. Companies that specialize in these products such as are an excellent resource for finding educational and informative posters. The best posters are the ones that portray the risks of drinking and driving in a poignant and eye-catching image. For example, MADD’S poster states, “drunk driving is the nation’s most frequently committed violent crime.” These strong words are combined with a powerful visual that features images of vehicles deformed by a drunk driving accident. Sometimes the most powerful posters are ones that get the image across with few words and images. Posters do not have to be elaborate or artistic to get a point across especially one as sobering as drinking and driving.

For a look at popular don’t drink and drive posters check out the offerings on In the poster offered on drivers are warned not to drink and drive with an image of a blood splattered steering wheel and a beer bottle with a skull and cross on it. Further posters can be viewed at:


Drinking and driving is a leading cause of accident related deaths every year. With more awareness through posters and television advertising, DUIs can become a problem of yesteryear. However, being arrested for a DUI is a mistake that can happen to even the most law abiding and friendly people. Consequently, if you find yourself arrested for drunk driving contact a criminal attorney immediately. A highly trained and competent attorney will work on your behalf to ensure that the most favorable outcome is achieved.

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