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DUI Law and DUI Attorney in Seattle

A DUI Attorney has to be hired in Seattle as DUI (Driving under the influence) in Seattle is a crime that carries tough penalties. DUI in Seattle is considered a charge when the driver of a vehicle is driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol or is found having BAC (Blood alcohol content) of 0.08% or more.

Generally, anyone operating a vehicle with an alcohol intake more than the allowed limit is arrested and convicted of DUI. Minors have a more strict law imposed on them. If a minor is found having 0.02% of blood alcohol content (BAC) after two hours of drinking s/he will be charged of DUI. Checks on drunk driving are done by the law enforcement officers who upon “probable cause” can stop a vehicle and carry out certain tests that will determine any kind of intoxication or impairment. These tests include field sobriety tests (FSTs), motor skills test and a BAC test, all that can help an officer determine if a motorist is drunk or not. If found drunk, the officer can make an arrest.

Penalties are very harsh and interfere in the daily life of a DUI convict. That is why a DUI attorney must be hired in Seattle especially one with a good track record. The charges can easily range from license suspension to jail time and fines. Some time even probation is sentenced. License suspension can be stretched out from 90 days to two years. On conviction, a DUI convict may have to install an expensive ignition interlock (breath analyzer in car) for a year or longer. If the offence was aggravated, in which some harm was caused to state property or life, then the penalties also become severe.

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