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DUI Law in Washington


DUI laws in Washington are roughly similar to other states and carry a BAC (Blood alcohol concentration) limit of 0.08% in adults and 0.02% in minors A conviction has to be avoided with the help of a of a DUI Attorney in Washington.

DUI (Driving under influence) on someone’s record is permanent and cannot be avoided or cleared later. In Washington, DUI has serious penalties and should not be taken lightly. An implied consent law exists in Washington that dictates that upon the issuance of a driving license, the holder has reached an agreement of letting authorities test for BAC, if need may arise. If the holder refuses, s/he may have their driving privileges revoked for at least one year.

The law enforcing officers can ask any motorist to carry out sobriety tests which the motorist can refuse. If the officer makes an arrest he will carry out a breath test or a blood test to determine the alcohol content in the driver’s blood. The report of breath/blood test is presented as evidence in the court of trial. To make sure the trial goes your way you have to hire a DUI attorney.

Severe penalties are imposed if a person is convicted of DUI in Washington. Washington classifies the charge of DUI as Gross Misdemeanor and upon conviction of DUI the person will face jail up to a year and $5000 in fine. Other factors that also play a role in determining sentence for a DUI offender are whether there have been previous convictions or if there’s been damage to property or injury to life. Only an experienced DUI attorney can help your case.

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