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DUI Laws in Alaska

An Alaska driving under the influence charge puts 2 things in motion in Alaska, and both of the issues have to be addressed after the a driving under the influence charge is handle. Number one, there’s a case in court, that can be punished with are incarceration, monetary fines, DUI classes, ignition interlock devices, and even more. Also, all persons charged with drunken driving that refuses to take a blood alcohol test or take a test and it read over .08% will have their drivers license revoked.

Request A Hearing From DMV.

You are required to ask for a DMV hearing before 7 days have passed from your arrest for DUI.

Alaska DUI Charges

Alaska driving under the influence charges are pursued in 2 ways; either violating the state’s breath alcohol content law which of .08% or higher, or by driving while impaired. Impairment is defined as driving in erratic driving patterns, failing field sobriety test, and or failing chemical test.

Alaska DUI Convictions

Alaska driving under the influence convictions are usually misdemeanors but can be treated as a felony if there are prior convictions (three or more), or someone is injured by you while you are driving drunk. Punishment in Alaska for driving under the influence is:

  • forfeiture of cash
  • incarceration, and
  • Forced community service. Ankle monitors have been used instead of jail time for some cases.

Lost Of Drivers Privileges In Alaska

The Alaska DMV, takes away driving privileges as a penalty for any driver who after being arrested for driving under the influence does not submit to a Breathalyzer test or the drivers results are over .08 or more.

Alaska Driver License Revoking Procedures

The loss of a driver’s license, or driving privilege in Alaska is done by a procedure that has nothing to do with the criminal charges faced by a driver. You can get your driver’s license revoked even if you get the DUI charges drop.

Period Of Time A Driver Will Lose His License For

How long a driver’s license is revoked for depends on if there are any prior offenses. If there are no prior offenses the period is 90 days. Drivers can get permission to drive back and forth to work for only the end of the time period.

  • For a driver with 1 previous DUI he or she will lose their license 1 year.
  • For a driver with 2 previous DUIs, he or she will lose their license for 3 years.
  • For a driver with 3 previous DUIs he or she will lose their license for 5 years.

Please Note

Important note: Rules, laws and regulations change often so the information here should not be used for legal advice. It is important that you get a DUI lawyer for legal assistance.

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