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DUI Laws in Arizona


DUI simply means (Driving under the influence) in Arizona. The law is precisely very strict and has severe penalties to impose on those who are convicted of it. DUI is based upon an individual’s BAC (Blood alcohol concentration). BAC is a limit that is set in every state which if exceeded will lead a person to harsh penalties.

In Arizona, the limit is 0.08% for people over 21 (non-commercial drivers) and a “zero tolerance law” for minors of age below 21. Which means that if a minor is found having any alcohol content in his system s/he will be convicted of DUI. For commercial drivers, the BAC limit is 0.04%.

A DUI attorney is Arizona is a necessary hire as the person can also be committed if a driver’s ability to drive is affected (to the slightest degree) by intoxication, and will be enough to prove guilty of DUI.

Like many other states, Extreme DUI also exists in Arizona, where the BAC limit is 0.15% and has greater penalties for those under it. It is important to note that the state does not need to prove the intent, contrary to most crimes. All it needs to prove is DUI within two hours of driving.

The investigation is carried out by officers who must stop a vehicle on reasonable suspicion. Most people are given Field sobriety tests (FSTs). These can include roadside breath analysis, motor-skills test and HGN (Horizontal gaze nystagmus). Apart from the FSTs, the officers can carry out a BAC test either by blood or breath, if they have stopped the driver on “probable cause” to suspect DUI.

There is an implied consent upon the motorist to submit to an officer’s request of BAC test. If refused, the motorist can lose his/her driving license for one year. The state of Arizona has some of the harshest penalties for DUI convicts.

That is why a DUI attorney in Arizona should be hired as even first time offenders get a harsh penalty. Jail time is mandatory for a DUI offence and the length of time depends on the severity of the case. Fines and driving license suspension are also among the penalties a DUI convict has to go through.

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