DUI Laws in Georgia


Laws and penalties on DUI (Driving under influence) in Atlanta are being made more strict with each passing year, with legislation being introduced to eliminate the possible rise of DUI cases.
For a conviction of DUI in Atlanta, the prosecution must prove that the motorist was falling under the definition of a “less safe driver” by the administration of alcohol/drugs/glue or their combination.

One can also be arrested under the imposition of ‘per se’ laws where the BAC (Blood alcohol concentration) test will determine the motorist’s blood alcohol content, which should not exceed the legal limit of 0.08%. If it does exceed the limit, the motorist will be charged for DUI and can be convicted if the prosecution proves the motorist was driving with the illegal alcohol content in his system.

There are various ways that police officers try to arrest motorists for DUI that is why once arrested a dui attorney must be hired. They can stop a vehicle on ‘probable cause’ and can do field tests to find any impairment through intoxication. The BAC test is also carried out to determine the alcohol in the blood. A refusal to chemical testing could hinder an individual’s driving privileges for some time.

In Atlanta, DUI has very serious penalties which is why even first time offenders should hire a DUI attorney. A penalty can easily ruin one’s personal freedom and can range from jail time up to 12 months and fines from $300 – $1000, along with community service and license revocation for 120 days normally for first time DUI offenders.

Originally posted 2016-12-11 14:08:46.