DUI Laws for Minors in Arizona


Driving under the influence, consumption of alcohol, false identification, are all crimes in Arizona for minors.

Get Help

If you or someone you know are below 21 years old and have been arrested for a drinking-related crimes, you need to contact a Arizona underage drinking lawyer for help with your situation.

You Will Need To Get Your Rights

They are experienced with getting the rights those under age charged with alcohol related crimes, and they will work to make sure that if punished you may get the least possible punishment and least amount of impact on your criminal record.

Under 21 Driving Under The Influence Crimes

The Grand Canyon State has notoriously harsh laws for those caught driving under the influence underage. If you are over 21 you have to have a blood-alcohol level of .08 or over to be arrested for driving under the influence in Arizona, children, teenagers, and young adults (until the age of 21) will be arrested for driving under the influence when having any alcohol in their blood which is a level of .01, even though they are not physically impairment or intoxicated.

But still, the punishment for minors charged with driving under the influence is equal to or harsher than those over 21. If it is your 1st offense after conviction you can get:

  • Your driving privileges suspended for two years with the eligibility to be allowed to drive to work if the court allows this
  • a Class One misdemeanor charged to your record
  • at least 1 day of incarceration, 9 days suspended sentence if you go to a drug and alcohol treatment center
  • payment of fines and payment of court fees of over $1,500
  • probation, DUI classes, forced community service and other penalties of the courts choosing

Below age Drinking or Minors Caught Drinking

You have to be 21 or over to drink alcohol in Arizona, and state law enforcement is cracking down on minors drinking. Minor caught drinking alcohol will be charged with misdemeanor and punishment includes:

  • Driving privileges suspended for up to 48 months
  • Payment of over $450 in fines and court costs
  • A misdemeanor criminal record filed against you
  • Forced community service

Using A Fake Identification To Get Alcohol

Getting a false driver’s license or any other fake ID to get alcohol charged as a Class One misdemeanor in Arizona and punishments may be; Forced Drug and Alcohol abuse education
Payment of about $800 in fines; incarceration for up to 120 days; Open Container / Possession

Just having alcohol or being close to an empty open container of alcohol in a vehicle may get you charged with a misdemeanor and huge fines if you are a minor.

Originally posted 2016-12-11 14:28:03.