DUI Laws in New Hampshire


When stopped in New Hampshire for driving under the influence you must summit to a sample of your either your breath, blood, or urine for testing to determine the level of alcohol in your system. If you are found with a level of .08 percent or more, this may be used as evidence against you in a criminal court hearing.

Driving Privileges

Your driver’s privileges will be suspended 1 month after the arrest if you do not request an administrative hearing before 30 days after the arrest.

Refusing Testing

If you do not summit to testing, your driving privileges will be suspended for 6 month with no hearing allowed.

Manner Of Prosecution

New Hampshire driving under the influence laws are pursued by the state in two different manners.

  • Way Number One The first way is the conventional way drunk driving cases are handled, when a suspect is stopped for DUI and the evidence used is driving patterns, the suspects physical appearance, and the results of a field sobriety test to prove impairment during the trial.
  • Way Two In the second way the law does not care about how the suspect drove or if the suspect shows any sign of being impaired or not. The only thing that matters are the driver’s blood alcohol level after being tested was it at .08 percent or more. These two things will be used to prove your guilt in a criminal court case.

DUI Penalties

The punishments for DUI hinge on if someone has had a driving under the influence conviction within 7 years of the current arrest.

Driving under the influence 1st offense:

  • Incarceration: 2 to 180 days confinement
  • Monetary punishment: $340.00 to $1,175.00 driving under the influence fines.
  • Lose of driving license: 3 month suspension of driver’s license.
  • Miscellaneous: Judge most likely will order the obligation of going to a driving under the influence course, which has a fee of $100.
  • Victim impact fee: $40.
  • Equipment: If you blow double the legal limit a Breath Interlock Device will be put on your car for 90 to 180 days.

With subsequent offenses penalties increase significantly and after the third offense driving under the influence become a felony.

Get Help

New Hampshire driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated penalties are very severe, this is why it is so important get the advice of a trained and experienced New Hampshire driving under the influence attorney as soon as possible.

Proper Representation

Drunk driving defense is a very specific law field that requires special training and experience to defend. Make sure a get the services of a qualified New Hampshire driving under the influence lawyer to help you with the serious problem of being charged with DUI.

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