DUI Laws in Vermont


Stringent DUI laws implemented by the state of Vermont are paying dividends. Since 1998, Vermont has seen a 54% reduction in the number of alcohol related accidents on their streets. The new DUI laws adapted by the state are centered on a no nonsense approach that severely penalizes any adult driver who is caught driving on their streets with a BAC level exceeding 0.08%. Minors have not escaped either, as a majority of the state’s DUI cases are committed by minors. Minors are restricted from driving in Vermont if their BAC level exceeds 0.02%.

Vermont Takes DUI Seriously

Unlike speeding tickets, where a driver can talk their way out of a situation and get off with a warning from the officer, DUI offences are taken seriously. Virginia has sealed all loopholes by enacting the consent law that must be agreed to before a driver’s license is issued. By signing the law, the driver declares that they will subject themselves to a field sobriety test if they are pulled over on suspicion of a DUI. Refusal to be subjected to a field sobriety test results in an immediate six-month suspension of your driver’s license.

Once you have been charged with a DUI in Vermont, you will then be required to attend court, therefore it is best advised to solicit the services of an experienced Vermont DUI lawyer who will be able to assist you in resolving your DUI case.

Vermont DUI Penalties

Vermont has adopted a DUI punishment system that is set on various levels.

  • First Offense: Vermont first time offenders are dealt with in a way leaves a permanent reminder of why it is important to not drink and drive. On your first Vermont DUI, drivers must pay a fine of $750 coupled with a mandatory license suspension of six months. To regain your license, drivers must attend a recognized alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. In addition, based on the severity of the case, Vermont DUI offenders can receive jail time not exceeding two years.
  • Second Offence: On your second DUI, you are quickly becoming a danger to public safety. As a result, repeat offenders are dealt with more harshly. Vermont second time DUI offenders if convicted must pay a fine of $1500 and have their driver’s license suspended for 18 months. In addition, second time offenders can receive jail time for up to two years, perform 200 hours of community service and attend compulsory alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Second time offenders are also prevented from early reinstatement of their driver’s license even if they have already completed their rehabilitation program.
  • Third Offence: Third time Vermont DUI offenders are considered as a danger to both themselves and the society. As a result, upon conviction Vermont third time DUI offenders lose their driver’s license for life. In addition, they are slapped with a $2500 fine, endure jail time not exceeding five years and perform 400 hours community service.

Vermont Additional Repercussions

If there is an injury as a result of your DUI, offenders are slapped with a $5000 fine and jail time up to 15 years. For DUI related deaths, the fine is increased to $10,000 plus jail time. In addition, Vermont DUI offenders can look out for increased insurance rates because of their offence.

Originally posted 2016-12-11 15:25:27.