DUI related posts

DUI court processing in Colorado

  Any motorist arrested for a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWAI (driving while ability is impaired) offense in Colorado will have two cases filed. One case is a criminal case which is filed by the State and the second case is an administrative civil case initiated by the Department of Revenue. Colorado DUI […]

New Jersey DUI Laws

  Being convicted of a DUI in New Jersey is a serious offense carrying heavy penalties. If you drive in New Jersey you automatically give consent to a chemical analysis. The State of New Jersey has an implied consent law which means that anyone who drives on the roadways of New Jersey has consented to […]

DUI Laws in Kansas

  A prosecutor in Kansas has to prove that were impaired in your driving by proving that your blood alcohol content was .08 or more, or providing evidence that you, displayed poor performance on field sobriety tests showed poor driving skills, physically appeared intoxicated Made statements which proved your impairment to an officer. Kansas driving […]

DUI Laws for Minors in Pennsylvania

  Underage drinking is a problem nationwide. However, in Pennsylvania, it has become costly and measures are taken against it. It can cause suicide, homicide, drowning, traumatic accidents, violent crimes, fetal alcohol syndrome, high risk sex, and alcohol poisoning. So, measures had to be taken to curtail these tragedies. Now, all states have made it […]

DUI Laws in Mississippi

  The state of Mississippi is considered to have high statistics of fatal DUI accidents due to increase in the number of cases of drunk driving resulting in DUI. The DUI laws in the state is quite stringent and is it is considered as a serious offense with severe penalties and fine. The severity of […]

DUI Laws in Indiana

  Like all other states across America, if you drive within the state of Indiana with a BAC level higher than 0.08% you are liable to be charged fir DUI. This level is significantly reduced for minors under the age of 21 and drivers of commercial vehicles. They are legally allowed to drive with a […]

DUI Laws in Connecticut

Driving a motor vehicle is considered a privilege in Connecticut, and under Connecticut’s Implied Consent Law, anyone who drives a motor vehicle has given their permission to a test to determine their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). DUI in Connecticut In Connecticut, any person who operates a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol or under the influence […]

Ohio DUI Laws

  If you are charged with DUI in Ohio, it is a must to be honest with your attorney. You have the chance of jail time, driver’s license suspension, and vehicle immobilization. There are many consequences that you could face due to this peril. It is normal to feel overwhelmed due to the charges brought […]