Indiana Binge Drinking Laws


Illegal and legal drug dependency and addiction is a serious issue in Indiana but binge drinking is not often mentioned when legislators are contemplating laws to curb such problems. Where is the binge drinking laws in Indiana?

Binge Drinking A Common Pattern In Indiana

Government experts says that binge drinking is a common pattern in the Indiana. Almost 10% of Indiana adults are addicted to alcohol and other drugs, but over 85% of the liquor that those between 12 and 21 years of age in Indiana is consumed in some kind of binge drinking.

Misconceptions About Drinking

Lots of under age students think the objective of drinking is to see how quickly you can get drunk. It seems like fun, However college students are immature and naive about the risks such high doses of alcohol and how they contribute to death and injuries. Also drunken student, attack other students who have been drinking and alcohol heavily more often, sexual assault and physically violent assaults.

Binge Drink Is Programmed Behavior

News coeds come to universities and colleges anticipating lots of partying and drinking, without knowing the risk of such behavior. Experts at the Alcohol and Drug Information Center, Indiana University, Bloomington believe students are programmed this way by the media. Researchers have found that by the time children turn 18 they have witnessed over 90,000 alcohol advertisements and movie that promote this message.

Experimentation And Peer Pressure

Also add to this the fact that many that are off to universities and colleges are away from their parents for the first time and are eager, to experiment with alcohol and also give in to peer pressure.

Colleges Trying To Crack Down

For some time now, colleges and universities have known this and many are trying now cracking down on binge drinking. Indiana University is known for strictly enforcing Indiana state law on underage drinking and , cooperating with the City of Bloomington law enforcement to educate students about the risk of binge drinking and the problems associated with it however are there any specific laws in Indiana that deal with the problem on this level besides underage drinking laws?

In Addition

Also to its credit Indiana University has an alcohol intervention program and this program received a United States government grant to make available internet courses for new students. Indiana University adding to that money because of the success and support it has garnered in the community of Bloomington, the city in which the university is located.

More Laws Needed

To get binge drinking under control in college students and to stop the bad habit from going to the next generation, laws need to be passed just like laws have been passed that seek to curb drinking and driving.

Originally posted 2016-12-11 14:46:20.