Michigan Binge Drinking Laws


Students in high school and college campuses are faced with the growing epidemic of binge drinking. During these years, many students are at a greater risk for engaging in behaviors that can have long-term consequences. And alcohol use is a large part of the culture of America but often time misuse of alcohol can lead to the dangers of binge drinking and over consumption.

Binge drinking ‘a growing epidemic’

Binge drinking is a looming problem, but Michigan legislators and universities are implementing new programs to curb these types of dangerous activities found mainly among high school kids and on college campuses all across America. Report shows that over 45 million people in the U.S. over the age of 12 have reported binge drinking. A good percentage of these individuals were under the legal age for alcohol consumption in the United States, which is 21.

Binge drinking is declining in the State of Michigan

21 is the legal drinking age in Michigan. Since the legal age drinking law was passed in 1984, teen binge drinking went down. Approximately 15 percent fewer high school seniors engaged in binge drinking today than did in 1983. Michigan also showed a decline in teen drinking, alcohol-related fatal crashes – saving about 900 lives a year. However despite these gains, too many young people in Michigan are still drinking in excessive amounts. This is because alcohol is fairly easy to get.

Dangers associated with binge drinking in Michigan

  • Physical injuries
  • Emotional problems
  • Reduced mental alertness
  • Poor decision making
  • Higher risk for heart and liver disease
  • Various forms of cancer
  • Irreversible brain damage
  • Alcohol addiction

Michigan State University trying to solve alcohol abuse on campus

Michigan State University administrators, East Lansing, and court officials have started a project they say could help stop student alcohol abuse before it becomes a serious problem. The initiative is called the Arrest Impact Discussion. During the first six weeks of classes, if a freshmen is arrested for alcohol violations will have a mandatory “developmental conversation” with a Michigan State student affairs representative. The discussion won’t be a part of the student’s disciplinary record, the university said.

City Manager Theodore Staton said that “Our intention with this program is not to reprimand students further for their action but to help them realize the impact their actions may have on both them and those who live around them.”S

Originally posted 2016-12-11 14:39:13.