Ohio DUI Laws


If you are charged with DUI in Ohio, it is a must to be honest with your attorney. You have the chance of jail time, driver’s license suspension, and vehicle immobilization. There are many consequences that you could face due to this peril. It is normal to feel overwhelmed due to the charges brought against you, but a good, experienced attorney could mean the difference between light punishment and being thrown the book. The outcome could affect the rest of your life and your loved ones as well; so, you need a good DUI attorney in Ohio to represent you.

Evidence against you in your DUI case in Ohio

Believe it or not, sometimes evidence can be tampered with, making the difference between a conviction, acquittal, or dismissal. Some police departments may tamper with evidence to get a conviction. A good lawyer in Ohio would know the reputations of certain police departments and determine if yours may have been tampered with. So, you should provide your attorney with all the information in your case to help him with your defense.

Getting a good lawyer in your area

An experienced lawyer in your area in Ohio would know the police department where your arresting officer works. He would know their reputation and could find loopholes and evidences against them that could mean a huge difference in your case. However, you must be honest about every detail in your case.

Likewise, it is a good lawyer who would look into your case to see if your arresting officer has been disciplined. This could make a huge difference in your case.

Be honest about injuries

If you injured a person or persons, you must let your attorney know. This could have a huge bearing on your case. A seasoned attorney would know how to minimize the damage that you have caused and lower the penalties against you. However, you must not hold back this information from him. There could be a pending civil suit against you, and/or it would tarnish your DUI case.

Being honest with all the details about your case

It is important to give the right information about your case to your lawyer. In Ohio, the penalties for DUI are stiff, so you want someone who is fighting for your rights. If you give him all the information, without leaving out key or minute details, he can best represent your case in front of the court. After all, he is not trying you; he is fighting for you. If you were to leave out key evidence the court has against you, this would surprise your lawyer, and he wouldn’t be prepared to defend you against it. This could mean the difference between conviction, acquittal, or dismissal.

Remember you could lose your license, face jail time, and vehicle immobilization. You could also wreck your reputation at the same time. Being honest with your lawyer in your DUI case in Ohio is a must and could make all the difference in your case.

Originally posted 2016-12-11 15:13:55.