Your L.A. DUI Law Firm on Page 1 on Google!

  1. Do you own a law firm in Los Angeles County?
  2. Are you tired of paying $50-$150 per click through PPC campaigns?
  3. Do you want to be found on Page 1/2 on Google for keywords like “DUI Attorney + City” or “DUI Lawyer + City”!

Have your
within 24 hours!


How is that possible?

Simply put: It ranks ALREADY! We DUI Attorneys Los Angeles City Pagesspent a considerable amount of time and resources on building this directory website. We added a highly SEO optimized page for each and every of the 88 cities in Los Angeles County. Every page is already properly indexed in Google/Bing and being promoted constantly via White Hat SEO and Social Media Marketing. As a result, most of those city pages rank on Page 1 or 2 in organic search results within Los Angeles. To maintain and increase those rankings, we rely on advertising funds. Therefore a healthy portion of the fees we receive for renting out city pages is being spent on maintaining and increasing the existing rankings.

What keywords currently rank for which city pages?

The offer currently applies for the following keywords and landing pages (updated weekly):

Keyword currently on Page 1 / Ranking page

Many city pages currently rank on page 2 for the respective keywords. If your city is not on the list above, please contact us through the form below so we can discuss how to lift that particular page up towards page 1 on Google’s organic search results.

Let’s get started!

Please provide us with a detailed  description (min 500 words – 100% unique, city/service relevant and with call-for-action details) about your law firm and services offered. Include up to 3 images (or at least a profile image).

  • We will keyword optimize your text before adding the new content ABOVE the current page content on the chosen city page, so page visitors can identify YOU and reach out to YOU immediately. We will NOT remove the current page content because that’s exactly what lifted up the city page in Google search results for the specific keywords. We will remove though the current profile image (a template) along with other links that may misdirect the visitors/readers attention.
  • We will update the Meta Title and Meta Description for the page to reflect your business.
  • We will submit the updated page to Google to be quickly re-indexed.
  • We will promote the city page monthly with highly relevant content. Feel free to provide monthly updates about your firms’ activities, that we can use in the process.
  • Important: You are NOT allowed to promote the city page via any sort of back link building!

City Page Rent:

Package 1:
$300/month for a 6-month period for 1 city page

Package 2:
$200/month for a 12-month period for 1 city page

Payment Terms:
Upfront payment is required via PayPal, bank wire or money transfer (WU/MG)



We’re not Google. So we can’t guarantee Page 1 rankings. Nobody can! While we optimized the entire website and constantly promote it through 100% legit means, everything is possible when dealing with “Big Brother”.

Nevertheless we offer one of safest deals possible (which puts some healthy pressure on US to comply!): We reimburse you 100% for  every month paid, during which the promoted keyword does not rank on Page 1 for at least 2 weeks (Ranking will be measured on using a Los Angeles IP).

Ready to go ahead? Please fill out the form below and click “Submit”. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the proceedings and any questions you may have.