5 Steps to Hire the Best DUI Attorney in California

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Last Updated on February 12, 2024 by DALA Staff Writer

A DUI attorney in California must be hired to ensure that the sentence is the shortest possible.

Violation of driving laws is referred as DUI (Driving under influence), while some states call it DWI (Driving while Intoxicated.) Under the effects of alcohol and other intoxicants, it becomes nearly impossible to drive a vehicle safely. Due to drug-impaired driving a significant number of traffic deaths and serious accidents have been witnessed. This has led 50 prominent states of the world to establish strict laws concerning drivers who are intoxicated while driving.

California is one of the strictest states, which consider driving under influence as a serious offense and has enforced harsh laws against drunk driving. Due to extremely complex consequences, your DUI case can lead you to loose your license, take you to the jail and make you pay extra fines and penalties. There are several expert DUI attorneys in California but you need to look for the expert ones that specialize in driving defense exclusively. Here are few steps that will help you find out competent and experienced DUI attorneys.

  • Searching Through Different Media: There are different sources to look for a competent DUI attorney in California. However, newspapers, internet ads and telephone books are the primary steps considered while hiring an expert attorney. Surfing on internet and newspapers ads can turn out to be of great help to hire DUI attorneys. Through internet you can discuss the details of your case with the lawyers you think will be suitable to defend you. If you will not talk about the details of your case with few lawyers, you might loose a chance of proving yourself innocent.
  • Ask Friends For Referrals: If you think looking in telephone directories is very time consuming, so you can always ask friends, relatives or associates for a recommendation. This will often elicit better results in your search for an attorney. Sometimes you know people who have been through any DUI procedure; you can for their referrals as well.
  • List The Certified Attorneys: Other significant step is to prepare a list of the famous DUI lawyers in California who are certified by the board, a group of specialists led the National College for DUI Defense, under the sponsorship of the American bar Association. These lawyers are highly experienced in handling DUI offenses. There are two firms in California, which specialize in the cases of drunk driving and they are rated highest for their competent certified attorneys.
  • Experience And Qualification Of The Lawyer: It is critical to look for a defense lawyer who is experienced in handling both, misdemeanor and felony DUI charges on the driver’s part. As the hearings keep on proceeding, the punishment keeps on getting harsh, so look for a skilled attorney who can develop a strategy to defense you. Penalties and punishments are sentenced according to the circumstances involved in the DUI accident. Look for an attorney who has prior knowledge about the DUI laws of the state, so he can defend his client skillfully.
  • Utilize The Free Consultations That Most DUI Attorneys In California Offer: Almost every lawyer offers a free initial meeting to his client. Accepting this kind of offer does not mean you are bound to hire that particular attorney. Rather it will give you an option to compare different DUI attorneys. These types of offers save you from complex consequences.

There are many law firms in California but these steps may lead you to choose the most competitive and experienced DUI attorney. Your lawyer should have the skills to represent you in the court of law against the charge of DUI and fight the prosecution from proving you guilty.

DALA Staff Writer
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