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Top 10 DUI Decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court

Given below are some of the cases dealing with drunken driving issues and their landmark judgments. Detailed explanations of the case laws are presented with the clarity in the case and decision. DUI Case 1: Pennsylvania v. Muniz Case: A drunken driver was subjected to field sobriety test (FST) that also involved tests that would […]

California DUI Laws

An arrest for DUI/DWI in the state of California results in 2 separate cases; first the court case, and then the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) case. There are 2 different statutes that must be looked at when a defendant is in court due to a DUI/DWI offense. First, is the California Vehicle Code Section […]

Alabama DUI Laws

Like many other US states, DUI/DWI law in the state of Alabama includes both a criminal case, as well as a Department of Public Safety drivers license case. DUI/DWI charges can be filed against somebody who is operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of impairing substances such as alcohol or drugs. Drivers can […]

The Legal Ramifications Of Electronic Communications

Is there a legal risk involved in sending communications via the Internet? Absolutely there is, particularly for companies and employers.  This is because very few people think twice before they hit the send button and send their email or message winging off into the void that is the Internet.  After all, electronic communications are but […]

The Legal Ramifications Of Electronic Communications

Private Investigators – What Can And Can’t They Do

Whilst it is not illegal to hire private investigators, there are nevertheless things that a private investigator is not permitted by law to do.  A good private investigator is aware of exactly what those things are for the jurisdictions in which they operate.  But if you’re considering hiring one, here are some of the things […]

Private Investigators – What Can And Can’t They Do

Good Samaritan Laws

Is Being A Good Samaritan Worth It?

If you’re thinking about stopping and offering assistance the next time you come across an accident or someone requiring assistance you had better check your state’s Good Samaritan Law first. Most countries and all US states have a Good Samaritan Law.  They were introduced to protect members of the public or volunteers who happen upon […]

States are Forced into Enacting DUI Laws or Else Risk Losing Funding

In the United States, laws are made based on the need for these laws and how effective they will be in improving safety or reducing crime, right?  Not with driving under the influence and other alcohol-related laws. With the influence of MADD and politicians who are trying to win elections, the states are often strong-armed […]

States are Forced into Enacting DUI Laws or Else Risk Losing Funding

Arizona DUI – All you need to know

PHOENIX DUI DRUNK DRIVING RIGHTS Under Arizona DUI law and the Constitution, every person has legal rights. As with all criminal cases, those legal rights are numerous, and are set forth below. Because the DUI law penalties are so severe, it is extremely important that you be aware of your DUI rights. The Right to […]