DUI Laws in Colorado

  Don’t get caught driving drunk in The State of Colorado. Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol drugs (DUI) or driving while your ability to drive is impaired (DWAI) by alcohol or drugs, is prohibited in Colorado. Like most DUI laws in the Unites States, The State of Colorado DUI laws are similar […]

DUI court processing in Arizona

  In Arizona courts, as in the rest of the country you are presumed innocent. Sometimes prosecutors, a few judges and a lot of jurors think it is the other way around. They assume, you are guilty if you were not you would not be in the courtroom. So it is important to have at […]

Controversial DUI Laws in New Jersey

  If you are in New Jersey and are convicted for DUI, then you will have to face a number of consequences. If it is your first DUI offense, then you will face about seven month’s license suspension with over $1,000 in fines and fees. For the second DUI offense, you will lose your privilege […]

DUI Laws in Hawaii

  The first line of action for anyone who is found driving under the influence of alcohol within the state of Hawaii is to get a good DUI lawyer to assist them in resolving their DUI case. Hawaii DUI offenders are faced with a two-pronged attack. The first attack comes from the courts with respect […]

DUI Laws in Washington

  Washington’s Department of License along with the states highway patrol has gone through great lengths to educate and remand Washington drivers about the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving. They emphasize the fact that alcohol impairs your judgment and increases your chances of being in an accident that can lead to severe injury or […]

DUI court processing in Connecticut

  Understanding the Connecticut DUI laws and courtroom proceedings can be a challenge. If you are arrested for DUI in Connecticut: You will be asked to submit to a blood and alcohol concentration (BAC) test. Refusal to take the BAC will get your license suspended for 6 months for the 1st offense. If the BAC […]

DUI Laws in Oregon

  Oregon DUI laws are some of the strictest in the country. Being convicted of driving under the influence of any intoxicants in Oregon has extremely serious consequences and penalties. While plea deals are common in some states, in Oregon you are not able to plea-bargain to lesser charges. This is why it is so […]

DUI Laws in Kentucky

  If you are charged with drinking and driving in the state of Kentucky you will be prosecuted under violation of the code that prohibits driving while impaired because of alcohol or any drug legal or otherwise or for violating the law that prohibits driving with a blood alcohol level of over .08 percent. Important […]

Controversial DUI Laws in Arizona

  Arizona’s extreme driving under the influence law has become a controversy for many drivers that are charged with DUI from other states. Are Arizona DUI Penalties Harsh? What most say are harsh penalties for those charged with an Arizona extreme driving under the influence offense and convicted with it are well know by Arizona […]

DUI Laws in Louisiana

  Louisiana driving under the influence regulations lets prosecutors pursue the charges of driving while intoxicated with people that are impaired by alcohol, or drugs (legal or otherwise), or those who have been caught driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or more. Most Louisiana DWI Offenses Are Misdemeanors Driving […]