DUI Lawyers and their Expenses

  A DUI Lawyer and a DUI attorney have either specialized or represent a client in the area of criminal law called DUI (Driving under the influence) which is deemed a crime in all of the US. DUI lawyers need to be well versed in DUI laws and well informed in its amendments to be […]

DUI Laws in Illinois

  With constant amendments, DUI penalties in Illinois have become increasingly severe with each passing year. A DUI Attorney is becoming a necessity hire for any one charged. The law has adopted many strategic ways to curb the growing number of DUI related offences (over 1500 traffic fatalities recorded in 2015) and is continuing to […]

DUI Law and DUI Attorney in New Jersey

  DUI is strictly prohibited in the state of New Jersey under statutory law. Any individual can be arrested and convicted for DUI on two possible accounts, if s/he is driving in a strange pattern due to impairment or, if the BAC (Blood alcohol concentration) limit exceeds the legal limit set at 0.08% for non-commercial […]

DUI: Underage Drinking

  The youth of today are taking to alcohol and drugs a lot. They consider it to be a cool fashion statement. Statistics show that in 2005 alone, around 2694 drivers below 21 years of age were suspended for drunken driving. Parents are aghast and they are at a loss in knowing how to deal […]

DUI Law and Why Hire a DUI Attorney in Chicago

DUI (Driving under the influence) in Chicago can be best described when a driver is impaired in general or basic driving skills due to intoxication, from either drugs or alcohol or a mixture of both, causing him/her to drive a vehicle in a potentially dangerous manner. The legal limit of BAC (Blood alcohol concentration) under […]

Glaring Statistics of DUI repeat offences

  Every state in the US has strict Driving Laws in place. In spite of every effort taken by the government, the DUI offences are on the rise. Drunk driving results in a condition where both the driver and every other person on road are in high state of risk, leading to fatal accidents in […]

Extreme DUI in Virginia

DUI Law in Virginia The DUI law in the state of Virginia is revisited every year in order introduce stricter regulations to ensure safer roads and prevention of drunken driving accidents. The law per se convicts a person under DUI if his BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level is more than .08%. Zero Tolerance Law is […]

DUI in Minnesota

DUI Law in Minnesota is one among the strict and severest in the nation. An arrest under the DUI would give rise to two legal cases namely a court case on punishment for drunk driving and a public safety case by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety that might call for a suspension of your […]