Characteristics of DUI Court Cases

Characteristics of DUI Court CasesThere are many characteristics of DUI court cases, and knowing what to expect and what your options are aids in reducing your stress. Hiring a DUI lawyer whose practice focuses on DUI cases will give you the benefit of strong expertise in all phases of the case, and specifically addresses your need, which is what helps garner the results you desire. The attorney specializing in DUI cases has the advantage of a strong working knowledge of all options and contingencies, making them a vital addition to anyone’s defense. Many have become members of the National College for DUI Defense, which gives them the opportunity to continually upgrade their practice.

Besides expecting your DUI attorney to be familiar with every aspect of California’s DUI laws, and having a working knowledge of the technology used in determining alcohol levels, your lawyer needs to be competent in the many possible infractions and penalties. Determinations in many DUI cases rely heavily upon the sometimes one-sided opinions of poorly trained police officers, as well as questionable results from faulty blood testing equipment. You want your defense to be predicated on your innocence and the avid pursuit of the truth by your attorney.

DUI Court Cases

DUI cases involving drivers under 21 years old have several facets and intricacies and require specific expertise. The DUI lawyer defending the case needs specific skills, and the ability to navigate the courts and laws, to provide the best defense with the least permanent damage to the young person’s reputation, driving privileges and future.

Drivers who face DUI charges, but are no longer considered minors, require a defense that takes their driving privileges into consideration. They are facing penalties that are dependent on the number of their DUI offenses within the last 10 years, their blood alcohol level, the severity of damage caused and if anyone was injured. Needless to say, the DUI professional you hire should not only have all the facts in your case, but knowledge of all the latest laws governing your type of case and a working knowledge of the court and court personnel involved in your case.

Those commercial drivers who have been arrested for a DUI face even more complex consequences because of stricter codes and again, the DUI professional should have the ability to defend the driver by being knowledgeable about the three laws that deal with any DUI arrests of those driving commercial vehicles.

When facing DUI charges, no matter which category you are in, knowledge of the penalties and the options available to you can be best explained by the trained DUI defense lawyer. When you need your eyes checked, you could go to an optometrist to simply obtain a pair of glasses or to an ophthalmologist to have your eyes checked from the inside out for optimal eye care. When you hire an attorney specializing in DUI cases, you hire an authority to provide you with the most favorable results.

All drivers in California are assumed to consent to a chemical test when stopped for a suspected DUI infraction, which is used to determine the blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Although you are not obligated to consent at the time of being stopped, the ramifications if convicted could affect your driving privileges, insurance rates and possible amount of jail time. With so much at stake, the advice of a DUI lawyer well versed in your options and the bent of the court could make a tremendous difference in the outcome.

An experienced DUI lawyer has to have extensive knowledge about what to look for when investigating technical information and how closely the police adhered to the strict guidelines set forth by the State of California when they stopped you. Their team of experts needs to be able to determine if the test results were administered properly and if the equipment used was faulty, which could in turn get your case thrown out of court. In fact, if the DUI professional can find enough flaws in the prosecution’s case, the client can face a lesser charge, like “wet reckless,” which is a misdemeanor without jail time

Understanding your case and wanting vindication whenever possible, it is sometimes more advantageous for you and your attorney to enter into a plea bargain, That is when working with a trained DUI defense lawyer can work to create the best possible arrangements for you to satisfy your obligations while obtaining lesser charges.

Regardless of the path you and your attorney choose to take, you want your attorney to keep you apprised of all the facets of your case as it progresses, and of each option available as things change. You want to have confidence that until the final decision is signed by a judge, if you choose to go to trial, your defense can be tailored and negotiated and changed because of evidence the DUI lawyer and his team uncovered or the latest amendment to the California statutes.

A reputable DUI attorney needs to have impeccable courtroom skills, convincing negotiating tactics and a flawless team of experts. But, the most important quality that encourages and imparts confidence and peace of mind for the client is the personal attention given during the entire process. Since we can’t change what happened and we can’t guarantee the results, we need to make the journey as smooth as possible while we plot a course through the legal mazes and steer toward a favorable conclusion.