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Welcome to our law directory DALA. Probably your search for DUI Lawyers Los Angeles landed you on this web page, which is dedicated to provide up-to-date information regarding driving under the Influence. It can be quite difficult to get accurate and reliable information regarding DWI attorneys and attorneys in Los Angeles as the city thrives on believing rather than knowing. Fortunately, you have reached the perfect destination to learn everything you want regarding DUI. Note: Nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice, and if you’ve been arrested for a DUI we recommend consulting with a lawyer, not the internet!

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DUI Attorneys Los Angeles

To be clear about one thing: Lawyers or attorneys cannot guarantee that they will successfully mitigate the criminal charges of driving under the influence. In reality, the success entirely depends upon various circumstantial evidence and facts relating to the particular case. The attorneys work out their defense strategy on the basis of the circumstances and facts provided by the potential clients pertaining to their pull over by police on suspicion of drunk driving and citation of the charges. The DUI Attorneys in Los Angeles keep themselves updated regarding the new laws and judicial verdicts across the California legal system to ensure that they successfully represent their clients, but the representation is more or less based on the facts provided by the clients.

DUI Charges

It hardly matters whether you have been charged in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, or any other location in Southern California. The criminal proceedings against the charges of DUI take place under the California Laws regardless of the offense location. So, you can hire an experienced Los Angeles DUI Lawyer if you are satisfied that your prospective lawyer is quite knowledgeable regarding California statutes and its past precedence and can effectively represent your case.

What are the impending penalties for driving under the influence in California? Under what circumstances should I consider myself to be in trouble for driving under the influence?

DUI Checkpoint

If the police officers pull you over and have sufficient grounds to believe that you are driving under the influence, they may require you to give your consent for measuring alcohol level in your blood. The reading of any such measurement should not exceed 0.01 percent if your age is less than 21 years old. If it does so, get ready to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to defend you against the charges and successfully settle the matter in your favor. In case your age is more than 21 years, the maximum alcohol level in your blood should not be more than 0.08 percent. If the alcohol level in our blood exceeds 0.08 percent, you will be considered as driving under the influence and charged for the criminal offense of DUI.

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DUI Penalties

The penalties pertaining to the charges of DUI apply when you are found to be guilty against the charges. The DUI Defense attorney in Los Angeles or Hollywood may come up with a strong defense strategy and successfully represent your case to minimize or eliminate the penalties for offenses by proving that you are not guilty. However, if you are found guilty of the criminal offense, you will be sentenced to statutory imprisonment in county jail for six months for the first offense. You will also have to pay mandatory fines and assessment charges approximating $2,000. You face suspension or revocation of your driving privileges depending on whether you gave your consent for a blood test or refused.

The penalties for second or third offenses are rather severe. The statutory imprisonment is longer and can be up to one year for second or third offenses. You are subject to higher fine and assessment charges as the repeat offender and your liability insurance premiums will dramatically increase for years. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that you hire experienced attorneys to strongly defend the charges. Beverly Hills and West Hollywood have many reputable attorneys who represent the cases of repeat offenders. The reputable DUI attorneys from Southern California are very successful in defending DUI charges, but the results entirely depend upon the specific cases and circumstances indicating wide variations.  You should be very careful in closing your attorney and decide only after properly interviewing several attorneys.

2nd DUI

If you have already been convicted on the charges of DUI and are again facing new charges, you must consider the so-called Look-Back Period to decide whether the previous convictions are going to be counted as an offense and your case amounts to the repeat offense. Generally, the DUI convictions older than 10 years are not counted as an offense and therefore, cannot enhance the current charges as the repeat offense.  However, some prosecutors may demand enhanced penalties quoting that the person is a habitual offender even though the previous conviction is outside the statutory period.

What is the minimum penalty on conviction for DUI?

The court will most probably sentence you to pay mandatory fine and attend the alcohol program on being convicted on the charges of DUI for the first time. Of course your driving license will remain suspended for six months. If your case includes any instances of aggression on your part, the court may order you to do some community service. If the court finds that aggravating circumstances are quite serious you may end up in county jail. If you get convicted for driving under the influence, your liability insurance cover is going to be very costly. The penal provisions for second offense within ten years include mandatory jail for at least 96 hours, larger mandatory fines, probation, alcohol program for longer duration and the suspension of your driver’s license for two years. The third offense is dealt with even more severe punishments. You will spend at least 120 days in prison, pay heavy fines and your driver’s license is suspended for at least three years. You can get more precise projection regarding your particular case by consulting a qualified defense attorney who has experience in defending charges in Southern California. You can successfully restore your driving privileges with the least possible collateral consequences with the help of experienced DUI attorneys.

Finding a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

The Internet has now become very helpful in finding the right lawyer or attorney. You can search for the keywords such as Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, DUI Attorneys Los Angeles, DUI Lawyer Hollywood, DUI Defense Lawyer Hollywood, DUI Lawyer Beverly Hills, etc. to locate the reputed lawyers or attorneys. Your attorney is going to precisely represent your case and strongly defend you against any DUI charges. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you hire the right attorney rather than hiring any of them. You can ask some tailor-made question to get some idea regarding their proficiency pertaining to DUI cases and litigation and how they are going to represent your case. You can get an idea about the professional understanding of your potential attorneys by asking how many DUI cases they have handled so far and what were the results of their last three cases?

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