DUI related posts

Pennsylvania Binge Drinking Laws

  Binge drinking is the excessive amount of alcohol consumption under a short span of time, for the sole intention of becoming intoxicated. It is a particularly major problem amongst the youth, and Pennsylvania is no different, and laws are being introduced to combat this societal problem. There are binge drinking proposals and laws in […]

5 Steps to Look for a DUI attorney in Dallas

The DUI laws are tough even for the first time offenders especially in Dallas so any person charged should be sure to hire a DUI attorney in Dallas. DUI is an abbreviation used for driving under influence or driving under intoxication. It is obvious that driving after heavy drinking make, you loose your command over […]

DUI Laws in Alabama

  Similar to the other states in the US, Alabama is also quite stringent about the DUI laws and it can result in criminal case as well as Department of Public Safety driver license case. All DUI arrests in Alabama leads to two types of cases and you will have only 10 days to contact […]

DUI Laws in Florida

  Florida is known as the sunshine state and a favorite location for spring breakers and party-goers. As a result, they have had to enact several laws to keep a lid on the cases of drunk driving within the state. Implied Consent Law To begin with, the state has what is known as “Implied Consent […]

DUI Laws in West Virginia

  Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a serious offence in the state of West Virginia. Statistics have shown that 40% of occurring fatal road accidents within the state each year is as a direct result of DUI. This is because alcohol consumption has the side effect of impairing your judgment and promoting […]

DUI court processing in Colorado

  Any motorist arrested for a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWAI (driving while ability is impaired) offense in Colorado will have two cases filed. One case is a criminal case which is filed by the State and the second case is an administrative civil case initiated by the Department of Revenue. Colorado DUI […]

New Jersey DUI Laws

  Being convicted of a DUI in New Jersey is a serious offense carrying heavy penalties. If you drive in New Jersey you automatically give consent to a chemical analysis. The State of New Jersey has an implied consent law which means that anyone who drives on the roadways of New Jersey has consented to […]

DUI Laws in Kansas

  A prosecutor in Kansas has to prove that were impaired in your driving by proving that your blood alcohol content was .08 or more, or providing evidence that you, displayed poor performance on field sobriety tests showed poor driving skills, physically appeared intoxicated Made statements which proved your impairment to an officer. Kansas driving […]