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Michigan Binge Drinking Laws

  Students in high school and college campuses are faced with the growing epidemic of binge drinking. During these years, many students are at a greater risk for engaging in behaviors that can have long-term consequences. And alcohol use is a large part of the culture of America but often time misuse of alcohol can […]

DUI Laws in Pennsylvania

DUI (Driving under influence) is a prevalent issue in Pennsylvania and the law takes it very seriously which is why many people charged under DUI prefer hiring a DUI attorney that specializes in the cases. The growing number of fatalities relating with DUI cases has become a matter of great concern to the state. Law […]

DUI Laws in Arizona

  DUI simply means (Driving under the influence) in Arizona. The law is precisely very strict and has severe penalties to impose on those who are convicted of it. DUI is based upon an individual’s BAC (Blood alcohol concentration). BAC is a limit that is set in every state which if exceeded will lead a […]

Arizona DUI Laws

Being caught driving under the influence may get you incarcerated, cost you your driving privileges, cost you a lot of money and your employment. If you have been charged with a DUI in Arizona, you need to find a the best Arizona driving under the influence attorney that practices only defending DUI charges, who will […]

DUI Laws in Wisconsin

  Wisconsin driving under the influence laws forbids anyone driving a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol, drugs (legal or otherwise), or anything that would impair your ability to control a motor vehicle in a acceptable manner without causing a hazard to others or yourself. Limit On Level Of Intoxicates In Ones System Wisconsin law also […]

Connecticut Binge Drinking Laws

Alcohol abuse and binge drinking today is popular among college kids all across The United States. It has gotten so popular that it has become a college national pastime for many college students on campuses across America. Binge drinking is one of the many challenges facing college campuses nationwide and it is responsible for taking […]

Alaska Binge Drinking Laws

Agencies report that over 45 million people in the U.S. over the age of 12 have reported binge drinking. A good percentage of these persons were under the legal age for alcohol consumption in the U.S, which is 21. In Alaska a state rated in the top ten of reported states that use and abuse […]

Controversial DUI Laws in Colorado

Any individual convicted of driving drunk in Colorado under the new laws will have to install a breath-monitoring gadget in their cars. This new law was passed in; Alaska, Washington, Illinois, Nebraska and Colorado. What is an ignition interlock device? The ignition interlock device is a small handheld breath alcohol monitoring device that is wired […]

DUI Laws in Michigan

  What are Michigan DUI Laws? In Michigan drinking and driving regulations are called OMVI or Michigan OWI laws. There are three different types of driving while under the influence crimes in the state Michigan: Operating under the influence of intoxicating substance(liquor) Driving with an unlawful blood alcohol level Operating while impaired (OWI) All these […]

DUI Laws in Rhode Island

Rhode Island driving under the influence (DUI) or Operating Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs (OUI)) laws make it illegal for anyone driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher. No person shall operate a motor vehicle in Rhode Island while they have a blood concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or more […]