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DUI: Drunken driving fact sheet

  Drunken Driving Accident Facts Given below is a list of facts pertaining to drunken driving accidents. Drinking and driving offence is classified into two namely Driving under Intoxication (DUI) and Driving while Impaired (DWI). The Blood Alcohol content (BAC) level of the person indicates the amount of alcohol content in his body. .8 percent of BAC level is […]

What is Considered Extreme DUI?

  The DUI or Driving Under Influence of Intoxicated drug is a serious offence in all states of the US as well as in other Western countries. The state legislature toughens the DUI laws on a yearly basis. It defines extreme DUI as a condition in which the alcohol content in the blood is 0.15% […]

DUI: Drunk Driving accidents facts

  Driving under Intoxication (DUI) Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offence in almost all states in the US. In order to ensure that people are made aware of the rules and regulations a number of measures have been taken by the government and other social organizations to educate the public and […]

DUI Law and DUI Attorney in Florida

Florida, like other states in the US, takes DUI (Driving under the influence) very seriously. The law is very precise and strict. The main reason is to discourage and prevent people from driving while intoxicated which can lead to severe harm to public and property. Florida is one of the very busy states in the […]

Maximum DUI Punishment for First Time Offenders

  First time DUI offenders Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered as a serious offence in most of the states in the US. Any individual who is found operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and is tested above the specified Blood Alcohol content (BAC) measure is said to be convicted under a drunken driving offence. The person suspected […]

Why Multiple Charges?

Almost every person arrested for alcohol-related DUI will be charged with both offenses provided under the two subsections of Vehicle Code section 23152, that is, with “driving under the influence” and the separate crime of “driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher.” However, while a driver can be convicted of both […]

What is Implied Consent?

All drivers in California suspected of DUI are subject to the “implied consent” law once taken into custody. That law, found in Vehicle Code section 23612, provides that the police may take a sample of an arrested driver’s blood, breath or urine to test for blood alcohol content without asking permission. Why Implied Consent? Each […]

5 Steps to Hire the Best DUI Attorney in California

A DUI attorney in California must be hired to ensure that the sentence is the shortest possible. Violation of driving laws is referred as DUI (Driving under influence), while some states call it DWI (Driving while Intoxicated.) Under the effects of alcohol and other intoxicants, it becomes nearly impossible to drive a vehicle safely. Due […]

DUI Glossary

All the terms below are explained in relation to their significance relating to this site on DUI and not in a general manner. A Attorney : A lawyer who will represent any person charged under the DUI offense. Administrative Review Hearing : Any motorist who is arrested in Florida has only 10 days to request […]