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About Us

If you have been pulled over and charged with a DUI in or near Los Angeles, then you have enough to worry about without having to go through a lengthy, and possibly frustrating, process of finding the right DUI attorney to help defend you in court. Where can you go for the most comprehensive index of DUI attorneys Los Angeles has to offer? Look no further! DUIAttorneysLosAngeles.org has exactly the information that you need to deal with this problem.

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When facing a DUI, you definitely want the right lawyer in your corner. You want to find someone with experience who has a fine record of helping others to beat the charges you now face. An experienced lawyer can give you confidence heading into the courtroom. They may also have experience with the particular judge you are going before and perhaps even the arresting officer. An experienced DUI attorney will know the best approach for trying to clear your name.

Was a field sobriety test performed? Perhaps it was not a type that is actually accepted in a court of law. Was your breathalyzer score borderline? Maybe the machine had not been properly calibrated. Were you taken in for a blood test? Whatever you face as evidence, DUIAttorneysLosAngeles.org has your best choices for DUI attorneys. Los Angeles residents who need legal counsel for a DUI charge will want to peruse our list of lawyers that have been handpicked based off of multiple real case reviews from reliable online sources. We have already done the leg work involved in picking out the cream of the DUI lawyer crop. Now you just have to pick from our small index of the top choices.

We know that a DUI conviction is more than just a serious inconvenience. It involves a great deal of expense, time without a license, and it can even cost a person their job if they work in a field that requires a clean driving record. A first time offender in the state of California can be fined as much as $1000 for a DUI. Your license will be suspended for a full year after a first conviction, and you may receive up to 5 years of probation. If nothing else, such a charge can besmirch your good name in the community. We are here to help keep that from happening. By using the best DUI attorneys Los Angeles has to offer, you give yourself a chance to avoid some of the lasting consequences of a DUI conviction.

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