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Beverly Hills DUI LawyerDrivers that have been charged with a DUI have only 10 days to act.  That is the window in which they have to request their DMV hearing and begin looking for experienced and effective legal representation.  No matter the situation surrounding your DUI, you deserve the best traffic lawyer in Southern California by your side.

The penalties associated with even a single DUI are devastating at best.  Drivers will find that their lives have turned upside down as they receive thousands of dollars in fines, time in county jail, excessive bail amounts, an impounded car, months of a state-run sobriety program, and even a suspended license.  They will also find themselves with a mar on their record that will affect all future insurance rates, loans, grants, and applications.

When a local ticket is handed out in Beverly Hills, it takes a local attorney to beat it.  Your local lawyer enjoys close ties with the Beverly Hills Courthouse, judges, and law enforcement agencies.  He has worked alongside countless clients, interacting with these parties on a daily bases.  For drivers that have recently received a DUI, this means a higher rate of success for all cases.  When it comes to a DUI, they are always worth fighting and there is no hopeless case.  It does not matter if a driver has admitted guilt or even refused to take a chemical BAC test, there are legal options available to lower all penalties and charges.

Anyone that is convicted of a DUI is going to experience the painful aftershocks of this charge for years on end. If you have been arrested for a DUI in California, you have just 10 days to act. California DUI laws are complex and have some of the harshest penalties in the country. The assistance of our Beverly Hills DUI lawyer can be invaluable during this difficult time. You may be facing punitive fines, mandatory educational programs, license suspension, or jail time. Contacting our DUI attorney in Beverly Hills as soon as possible can help ensure you meet the deadlines necessary so that you can maintain your right to drive.

A police officer may stop a driver for any suspected violation of a traffic law, but there must be probable cause before he or she may arrest you for driving under the influence. Driving with a blood alcohol level above a certain specified level or after using prescription or over-the-counter drugs or illegal substances that may impair your ability to drive can lead to DUI charges.

As soon as you are arrested for a DUI, the arresting officer will confiscate your driver’s license and provide you with a Notice of Suspension. This is a formal notice of the suspension of your license as well as permission to continue to drive for 30 days. It also informs you of your right to an Administrative Hearing, at which you have the right to representation. Our DUI lawyer in Beverly Hills can help you defend yourself against these charges so that you can maintain your right to drive. You must schedule your Administrative Hearing within 10 days of receiving your Notice of Suspension. Our Beverly Hills DUI attorney can represent you and may call witnesses, present evidence, or use other strategies in your defense.

Not all Administrative Hearings will end favorably, and your license may be suspended or revoked. If you lose your license at your Administrative Hearing, you have the right to contest the decision at a second hearing. Our DUI attorney in Beverly Hills can help you weigh your options and determine whether it would be in your best interests to do so. If you are facing DUI charges, contact our DUI lawyer in Beverly Hills today to find out how we can help.

About Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills holds an unprecedented reputation as one of the luxurious cities of the world. Sometimes, this luxury is manifested as the uncontrolled flow of wine and people get charged under the criminal offense of DUI. In such as a situation the DUI attorneys are extremely helpful. The attorneys manage your criminal proceedings and help you in mitigating the charges. You can again enjoy the luxuries of Beverly Hills when somebody is there to take care of your DUI charges.

For example, when your driving privileges are restored and the criminal proceedings are handled by your DUI lawyer or attorney, you can visit Rodeo Drive and enjoy some shopping. Rodeo Drive is a highly reputed fashion market in the entire Beverly Hills. Once you see the designer labels and haute couture collections, it’s not difficult to understand why this fashion district sets the pace of fashion and style among the men and women of Beverly Hills.

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Apart from contributing to the fashion and glamour, Beverly Hills offers numerous other activities and attractions. For example, Mulholland Drive provides stunning views of the city. Residents just love Mulholland Drive and never get bored of visiting Mulholland Drive repeatedly. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that you promptly hire an experienced DUI attorney in case you are charged for driving under the influence. You can enjoy the numerous attractions of the Beverly Hills, including views of Mulholland Drive only when you have peace of mind, and your driving privileges are restored.

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You are going to cherish the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation if you are an art lover. The guided public tour of art work at the house museum is also available. The museum provides a very enlightening journey.

The Greystone Park & Mansion is also very popular among the residents. The mansion dates back to 1927 and came under the community ownership in 1965. The mansion can be hired for events, and people are allowed to freely visit and enjoy. However, if you have been charged on DUI grounds, you need to address your legal proceedings against the DUI charges before you can enjoy these attractions and activities of Beverly Hills. Once you hire an experienced DUI attorney and effectively manage the affair related to it, the attractions of Beverly Hills are all yours to enjoy!

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