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Drunken Driving Accident Facts

Given below is a list of facts pertaining to drunken driving accidents.

  • Drinking and driving offence is classified into two namely Driving under Intoxication (DUI) and Driving while Impaired (DWI).
  • The Blood Alcohol content (BAC) level of the person indicates the amount of alcohol content in his body. .8 percent of BAC level is considered to be normal. A reading of .15 levels is considered to be very high, where the driver is completely impaired of his ability to drive.
  • In most of the alcohol related vehicular crashes, the intoxicated individual sustains the maximum injury than others who not influenced by alcohol.
  • Where an accident takes place and the driver or the pedestrian or a passenger any one of them is influenced by alcohol, the mishap is classified as alcohol related.
  • Various factors such as BAC, age, mood, gender and the alcohol tolerance of the person influences the risk of crash or accident.
  • Nearly 30% of the Americans are involved in an alcohol related crash during their lifetime.
  • Many people feel they are fine even after several drinks of alcohol. But the fact is that they are impaired of their driving ability such as slow reaction time, poor visibility, multitasking and coordinating various activities at a time.
  • The effect of alcohol on several individuals is different depending on various factors like mood swings, fatigue and food consumed.
  • Whether it is beer, wine or liquor, different quantities of these drinks have the same effect of impairing the ability of the individual to operate a vehicle.
  • Nothing can remove the effect of alcohol in your body except the passage of time and one should be very careful before driving a vehicle.
  • Statistics show that an alcohol related crash takes place once in every two minutes and one person dies in an alcohol related crash every half an hour.
  • Where a driver is caught drinking and driving, the police officer immediately suspends his driving license without any delay.
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