DUI News March 11 -25, 2024, Los Angeles County

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Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by DALA Staff Writer

During the week of March 11-25, 2024, the Los Angeles area witnessed significant DUI-related incidents. One notable event occurred in Santa Monica, where a driver, later cited for felony DUI, lost control of their vehicle. The car went over the bluffs at Ocean Avenue and Montana after failing to navigate a turn, crashing through the barrier at Palisades Park, and landing on a flat surface of the bluffs. Fortunately, the two occupants sustained only minor injuries and were transported to a local hospital. The accident caused substantial damage, including a damaged traffic signal and exposed live electrical wires​.

In the Norwalk area, DUI arrests were prevalent, with multiple individuals apprehended for various offenses. Among these, Anthony Castillo, a 25-year-old resident of Norwalk, was arrested on March 23, 2024, specifically for DUI offenses under California Vehicle Codes 23152(A) and 23152(B)​.

These incidents underscore the ongoing challenges posed by DUI offenses in the region, highlighting the risks to public safety and the legal consequences faced by offenders.

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