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Glendale DUI AttorneyMany drivers within California are living busy lives that will make lengthy and complex legal processes unmanageable.  This means that many residents often elect to pay traffic tickets and hopefully move on from the ordeal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

California is churning out DUI convictions at an alarming rate.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) continues to invest huge amounts of money in DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols to increase DUI charges and reduce DUI fatalities.  This means that a single drink at dinner or a Breathalyzer that has not been calibrated correctly could devastate an entire family.

The initial penalties for a DUI conviction include fines and fees that will cost a few thousand dollars.  There will also be an immediate suspension of the driver’s license, informal probation, enrollment in a sobriety school, and the possibility for an ignition interlock device once the license suspension is up. Insurance premiums over the next ten years could double or triple, typically costing drivers over $10,000 in increased rates.

With so much at stake, no driver needs to step foot in the DMV or Glendale courthouse alone.  Every DUI charge has a chance at being remedied with an experienced DUI specialist by your side. These can become chaotic situations that no driver ever needs to go through alone.

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Did you know that having any alcohol in your system may put you at risk of being arrested for driving under the influence? Although the legal blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is 0.08 percent, having a BAC as low as 0.03 percent is sufficient cause for a DUI arrest. In fact, if you are under 21, that level can be as low as 0.01 percent. If you or a loved one is facing DUI charges, our DUI attorney in Glendale can help. After being arrested on suspicion of DUI, you will receive a Notice of Suspension. You will have 10 calendar days during which you will have the opportunity to request an Administrative Hearing, a procedure in which you can contest your license suspension. Our Glendale DUI attorney can represent you at this hearing and defend your right to drive. DUI charges can have far-reaching repercussions on your life. If you fail to request an Administrative Hearing, you will be facing an automatic license suspension of at least four months. You may also be facing heavy fines, revocation of your commercial or personal driver’s license, mandatory offender’s programs, and jail time. Our DUI lawyer in Glendale will defend you and work hard to clear your record.

DUI charges can remain on your record for many years and are accessible to colleges, potential and current employers, insurance companies, and the military. Your insurance can increase or even be canceled. Your professional and personal life can be profoundly negatively impacted. By fighting the charges against you with the assistance of our DUI attorney in Glendale, you will be taking a proactive approach towards your future. Our Glendale DUI lawyer may be able to have the charges reduced or dropped, and you may even be able to have your record expunged. California imposes severe penalties on those who are convicted of DUI. Take a stand and fight the charges against you by contacting our DUI attorney in Glendale today to learn more about your options or to schedule your consultation.

About Glendale

Glendale is the third biggest city of the Los Angeles county. The fast lifestyle and shuffle of big cities might create the delusion that you are all alone in the big city. But the big cities have strong support systems as well and there are professional service providers when you need any help and support. For example, if you are pulled over on charges of driving under the influence under any circumstances, you are not alone to face the criminal proceedings. Highly reliable and reputed DUI attorneys are easily available in Glendale who will work out strong defense strategies to successfully settle or mitigate the DUI charges.

Most often the residents suffer this delusion due to the busy lifestyle of Glendale. The city is full of shops and stores. The people normally rush to finish their routine in order to keep pace with the fast lifestyle. While shopping around the various stores in Kenneth Village or Adams Square, they fail to remember that the support system within the city includes highly reliable professional service providers as well. They buy great items to support their lifestyles but forget that their local DUI attorney is just at the phone call’s distance.

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The historical landmarks of the city such as the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery DUI Attorneys Glendalealso create a situation when the residents feel that they have to face their problems alone. As you move from one memorial to another, you might forget that there are professional service providers who can help you when you need support. Don’t feel lost in the big city; always remember that your Glendale DUI attorney is right there to help you in case you are charged for driving under the influence.

In reality, you can easily avail the services of highly reliable DUI attorneys in Glendale regardless of your location and engagements. Whether you are deciding your new car at Boulevard of Cars or enjoying some delicacies at any restaurants, all you need to do is dial the number of your DUI attorney.

Never feel lost! There is always somebody in the crowd to help you when you need care and support. After all, we are part of this big city!

Never feel alone, no matter how big the city. There is always help available.

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Author: DALA Staff writer
Published: February 3, 2014
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