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Importance Of Breathalyzers For DUI Court Cases

Last Updated on February 12, 2024 by DALA Guest Author

You, or anyone who has ever driven a car, probably knows about the breathalyzer tests or in short – breathalyzers. These items are very simple contraptions which can determine your blood alcohol level with much ease. In essence, no other gadget or test can be as useful and easy to use as these little things. If it so happens that you have never driven under the influence, or you have never been stopped by the police to have your blood alcohol level checked, then let me tell you something about breathalyzers. Their simplicity is easily seen in the fact that they are only made of a small plastic tube that is connected to a device which measures the blood alcohol level. As simple as that… The subject only needs to breathe into the tube and the device will do the rest of the work. 

With this thing, it takes very little time and effort for the police officers to determine if someone is under the influence. The facts clearly show how useful breathalyzers are to the police. BUT, considering the topic of the article, how important are these gadgets and the evidence they produce when talking about the actual DUI court cases?

First of all, with the breathalyzers, the police officers can react quickly and see if a person is driving under the influence and thus, prevent any possible accidents from occurring. And, of course, you and everyone else suspected to be driving under the influence are obligated by law to submit to these tests. If it happens that a person refuses to be checked this way, the officers have the right to detain that person. So, basically, it doesn’t matter if you get checked or not – if you are suspected to be driving drunk, you will be removed from the street and thus no possible accidents will occur. Judging from all of this, the breathalyzers are directly or indirectly responsible for the lack of numerous traffic accidents every year.

Breathalyzers are similar to DNA tests in the manner that their evidence is definite in court. No one can argue their authenticity. One can argue that the gadgets themselves weren’t operating properly, but this is rarely the case as the law enforcement is always careful – keeping them in proper shape and order. Of course, false positives can still occur, or some human errors as well, but this can happen with basically anything. Nothing is perfect… Even though this is possible, it rarely ever occurs. So, all in all, the validity of these tests is practically unbreakable.

Another important thing here is that these gadgets and thus the tests themselves are practically inexpensive. One of them costs less than 100$. This price can barely be compared to the one which would emerge if a traffic accident were to occur. Plus, we cannot even give a price to any human life in general…

All in all, the importance of these tests is immense. The evidence breathalyzers produce are indisputable in court and on the plus side, as we have determined, they can save lives.

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