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Lancaster DUI Attorney

Lancaster DUI Attorney

Unlike almost any other violation that will take place on the road, DUIs blur the line between full criminal charges and simple tickets.  Drivers that do not walk into the Lancaster courthouse with our DUI attorney by their side are going to be subject to a complex legal process that will most likely result in huge financial obligations, the loss of their license, and a major blemish on their record.

Drivers are taught the basics of DUI laws in driving school and the danger of driving under the influence, but these laws are not as black and white as law enforcement agencies would make them out to be.  All it may take is a single drink at dinner, a momentary lapse in judgment, or faulty equipment for a DUI charge to take place.  Once the handcuffs are on, time begins ticking on how long the driver has to organize their legal defense and request a hearing at the DMV to protect their license.

Almost every year, California’s laws on DUIs become more severe.  Fines are increased, suspensions are lengthened, and additional penalties are continuously added to our traffic code.  All the while, DUI arrests continue to climb at a terrifying rate.  After all of the fees and fines have been taken into account, most DUIs will easily exceed $10,000.  There will also be immediate license suspensions, informal probationary periods, ignition interlock devices, and months or years of sobriety programs.

We understand what tactics work for our clients and are here to devote the time necessary to make every case a successful one.This type of hectic and potentially expensive situation is not something that you need to go through alone.  Contact us today to begin receiving all of the benefits of the most trusted DUI attorney in California.

DUI, or driving under the influence, is one of the most frequently committed crimes in the U.S. today. Far more than just another traffic ticket, a DUI carries with it both civil and criminal penalties that can remain on your record and affect your future educational and employment opportunities for years to come. For the best chance of reducing the potential impact on your life, you need the kind of experienced representation our DUI attorney in Lancaster can provide.

A DUI carries with it heavy penalties that can affect your life immediately and mar your record permanently. Your professional or commercial driver’s license may be at risk, your personal life may be strained, and your insurance rates may go up. You may lose your driving privileges and be required to serve probation or community service, pay fines, or serve jail time. The assistance of our DUI attorney in Lancaster can be invaluable in fighting these charges in an attempt to keep them from affecting your permanent record. Aggravating factors can lead to more severe penalties. These factors may include an excessive BAC, or blood alcohol concentration, an accident that causes injuries to another person, or a history of DUI convictions. Felony DUI charges require careful representation, such as the kind that is provided by our DUI lawyer in Lancaster.

Losing your driving privileges may be your initial reason for seeking the assistance of our Lancaster DUI attorney, but you will quickly learn there are many more reasons to retain our attorney’s services. Our Lancaster DUI lawyer will fight to protect your driving privileges and attempt to preserve your driving record. It is even possible that your charges could be reduced or dismissed. If you are convicted, our DUI lawyer in Lancaster can file an appeal on your behalf or work to clean your record so that it will be less likely to affect future opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about your options or to schedule your consultation.

About Lancaster

Lancaster is located in very close proximity to Edwards Air Force Base, just 30 miles north of Los Angeles. The suburban town of Los Angeles provides everything the residents can dream of right from the natural surroundings, exotic beaches to the glamour and nightlife of Hollywood and Los Angeles. Lancaster offers every possible activity, including fun and entertainment.

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve presents such a stunning landscape that you will never forget your outdoor experience by visiting the reserve. The flowering orange orchards spread over thousands of acres create the impression as if the entire hills are on fire. BLVD downtown is the perfect place to enhance your emotions during a date or night out. There are numerous shops, dining establishments and clubs, specifically catering to the requirements of a lingering night out experience. However, you must be careful and arrange someone to drive you back because the exotic outdoor ambiance, passion and sensual feelings in the company of your partner may reinforce the intoxicating temptations for alcoholic beverages.

Lancaster DUI Attorney Legal Representation with Reasonable Rates in the Surrounding Los Angeles Area

The Lancaster Performing Arts Center, Antelope Valley Indian Museum, the Museum of Art and History and Civic Musical Road are some of the other attractions available to the residents of Lancaster. The residents with a taste for nature and wildlife can visit the nearby Prime Desert Woodland Reserve and enjoy lots of hiking trails and wildlife in the semi-arid landscape.

DUI Attorneys LancasterIf you are a lucky resident of Lancaster, you must enjoy the romance and adventure opportunities of Lancaster without indulging in drunk driving. The charges of driving under the influence can land you in statutory confinements in jail besides parole and fine. The DUI charges hold your life and freedom castigating you as an irresponsible citizen. However, if any unfortunate incidents do lead to DUI charges, your best option lies in hiring a reliable private DUI lawyer or attorney who handles everything related to DUI charges until you successfully mitigate the charges. It becomes extremely important that you engage your DUI attorney or lawyer immediately after your arrest on DUI charges because you will need someone on your side, and it will allow your lawyer to work out most appropriate defense. Don’t forget to call (310) 846-8283 for hiring highly experienced DUI attorney to have an edge over the prosecutor by getting the best possible defense. The right attorney will give you the opportunity to hold back your life and freedom.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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