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Lomita DUI Lawyer

Lomita DUI LawyerCalifornia continues on the trend towards arresting and convicting drivers of DUIs at a record pace. This means that it is not going to take much for individuals to find themselves on the receiving end of these overwhelming charges. All it is going to take is a faulty Breathalyzer unit or a single drink at dinner for an individual to be in for a legal ordeal that could forever change their life. The first thing to remember during these harrowing ordeals is that time is of the essence. Those that have been charged have only a limited amount of time to request an administrative hearing, formalize their representation, and keep their license from being suspended.

If these few steps are not taken, most drivers will find themselves walking out of the Lomita courthouse with a shocking conviction.

Even first-time offenders are going to be subject to penalties that could exceed $10,000 or more once all the entire situation has come to a conclusion. This includes DMV fees, court fines, and huge increases to insurance premiums that will last for a decade or longer. There will also be a license suspension, the potential for time in jail, informal probation, and months or even years of state-approved sobriety classes.

These types of penalties are not something that any driver should accept without a fight. We have built our unparalleled reputation by taking on difficult cases and still developing effective plans that get our clients’ charges reduced or completely removed. Drivers who are pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence are generally asked to complete certain field sobriety tests. These tests are intended to determine the likelihood of that person’s sobriety or intoxication and can include the horizontal gaze nystagmus test and walking and turning or standing on one leg.

Our DUI attorney in Lomita wants you to know that you have the right to refuse to submit to field sobriety tests, which often have misleading or inaccurate results. More accurate but still not error-free are chemical tests. You may be asked to perform a breath or blood test to demonstrate the amount of alcohol in your blood. Although you may refuse to consent to these chemical tests, you will be facing very serious consequences for doing so. Our Lomita DUI attorney has the experience to determine whether there may have been errors in the tests or even whether they may have been administered incorrectly.

A DUI conviction commonly includes not just a driver’s license suspension or revocation but also jail time and probation, mandatory educational programs for drug or alcohol offenders, and heavy fines. These can have an immediate impact on your life, but you will also be facing long-term issues that can include trouble keeping or getting affordable auto insurance as well as a criminal record that can haunt you for years to come. Our DUI lawyer in Lomita will determine that most appropriate way to defend you against these charges so that the impact on your life and future is minimal.

Many people think that pleading guilty is the best way to get on with their lives and move beyond the stress and worry of a DUI, but this is a dangerous misconception. Your permanent criminal record can affect your ability to attend the school you want, land your dream job, or obtain secure housing or credit. Our DUI attorney in Lomita will work to help you keep your record clean. A consultation with our Lomita DUI lawyer can help you determine your next move. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our DUI lawyer in Lomita.

About Lomita

The close proximity of Long Beach makes Lomita as the perfect residential area for all those who desire to spend hours soaking in the sun under the exciting outdoor ambience of the beach. You can drive just a few minutes to Long Beach and enjoy the waves of the Pacific or relax feeling the warmth of sand and sunshine. Lomita also provides access to Santa Monica State Beach.

Besides developing as the suburb of Los Angeles, Lomita is, in fact, included as part of the Los Angeles County. The nearby attractions such as the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, excitements of Los Angeles, glamorous world Rodeo Drive and Hollywood provide additional opportunities of fun and entertainment. The residents can engage in any legal activity like shopping or enjoying the nightlife when visiting neighboring Los Angeles. However, you should be careful not to drink alcoholic beverages before driving to Los Angeles.

Seasoned Lomita DUI Lawyer Legal Consult in California

Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park is at a few minute’s driveway from Lomita offers a very pleasant natural surroundings to those who have a flair for outdoor activities. The golf courses and numerous parks provide equally impressive outdoor ambiance for spending time with friends and family. The Lomita Railroad Museum is the most interesting and fun-filled attraction for the entire family, and kids just love the museum.

Lomita DUI LawyerEvery resident residing in Lomita must have a fair understanding about the professional service providers and solutions they need in specific situations. For example, if you get charged for DUI during your stay in Lomita, you must have access to an experienced and reliable DUI attorney. You cannot afford to take chances by hiring just any lawyer to represent you during the criminal proceedings of DUI in California, which have very severe consequences. Contact us to get the services of highly knowledgeable DUI attorneys who understand every aspect of California DUI jurisprudence. They will work out the best possible course of action to successfully mitigate your charges and ensure that the DUI charges don’t affect your current or future prospects.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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