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San Fernando DUI Attorney

San Fernando DUI AttorneyReceiving a DUI can be a terrifying ordeal, especially for those that have never experienced an arrest or charge like this one before.  Drivers may often find themselves being treated like a criminal and unsure if there is going to be any way to fight this grim ticket.  With only 10 days to request a DMV hearing, it is time to start taking action if you have recently been charged with a DUI or DWI.

Developing a solid legal strategy is a priority in those first few hours or days after being arrested for a DUI.  Without this legal defense, drivers will be a looking at some of the worst penalties that can be incurred while behind the wheel. All of the basic costs, such as the DMV and court fines, will begin at a few thousand dollars depending on the circumstances of the arrest and the driver’s record.  For the individuals that do not find themselves immediately dropped by their insurance provider though, they can be expecting ten years of increased rates that could end up costing $10,000 or more.

California has also become prominent for its use of many alternative penalties that will be applied in addition to the financial charges.  A year or more of a state-run sobriety program, a license suspension, and an informal probation will all most likely take place.  Drivers may also find themselves paying for the installation of an ignition interlock device on their dashboard for a year or longer.

This is a lot to handle for even the most secure of drivers and there will never be a need to enter the San Fernando courthouse alone and unrepresented.

San Fernando DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence is a criminal offense in California. Although many who are arrested for DUI are facing misdemeanor charges, even a misdemeanor will remain on criminal records indefinitely. If you or your loved one has been charged with a DUI, our DUI attorney in San Fernando can help. DUI charges may apply to those who are driving with a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, above 0.08 percent. Commercial drivers whose BAC is above 0.04 percent may also be facing DUI charges, as will drivers under the age of 21 with a BAC above 0.01 percent.DUI charges open both a civil case with the DMV and a criminal case. You will be facing the suspension or revocation of your license, depending on the severity of the charges against you. You may also be facing more severe criminal penalties, including fines, probation, alcohol education programs, and incarceration. Our DUI lawyer in San Fernando may be able to help you plead to reduced charges or even have your charges dismissed entirely. The clock is ticking. At the time of your arrest, you receive a Notice of Suspension, after which you have just 10 days to contact the DMV and request an Administrative Hearing to contest your driver’s license suspension. Our San Fernando DUI lawyer can represent you at this hearing and at the subsequent criminal proceedings.

Your DUI record can have far-reaching effects on your life and limit many of your future opportunities. Your criminal record may be accessible by schools and colleges, current and prospective employers, creditors and landlords, and even the government. Your insurance rates could increase. Fighting the charges before you are convicted offers you the best possible chance of keeping your record clean, and our San Fernando DUI attorney will help. You do not have to face a DUI alone. Our DUI lawyer in San Fernando can assist you in constructing a defense, educate you on DUI laws, ensure you are correctly enrolled in the proper programs, and provide you with the experienced representation you need. Contact our DUI attorney in San Fernando today to learn more about how we can help you.

About San Fernando

The spectacular landscape of San Fernando Valley creates such a wonderful outdoor ambience that many people head to San Fernando for spending their vacations while enjoying natural surroundings and bright sunshine of Southern California. San Fernando is located north of Los Angeles at a few minutes drive. The close proximity to Los Angeles provides additional activities and attractions of large city life, including the glamorous world of Hollywood and nightlife of Los Angeles. You can even enjoy air views across the city and the extensive coastline by taking a helicopter tour.

Successful San Fernando DUI Attorney

Legal Consult in California

During your vacations or night outs to Los Angeles, you must act according to the California State laws. The compulsive temptations for alcoholic beverages can be irresistible during those moments of mood swings, but getting carried away puts you under the risk of DUI charges. You cannot drive if you have consumed excessive alcoholic beverages.
You can see some of the vintage cars right from 1910s to 1930s by visiting the Nethercutt Museum during your vacations in San Fernando. The history of early missionaries in the areas around California has been preserved by converting Mission San Fernando into a museum. The Wildlife Learning Center offers the family fun and entertainment and kids in your family will particularly enjoy the interactive exhibitions and live animals. You can get the opportunity to introduce your family with the native flora and fauna of California by visiting Theodore Payne Foundation.

DUI Attorneys San FernandoThe beach is also not far away from San Fernando. You can drive to the seashore within minutes. You can have fun by participating in the surfing, beach volleyball, and other water sports. Depending on your mood, you can simply lie back to enjoy the coarse sands and bright sunshine.

Some people just cannot resist alcoholic beverages when they are happy or sad. The sensuous outdoor ambiance and your vacation moods can induce free flowing alcohol creating risks of getting charged for DUI. If you are really arrested on DUI charges under any circumstances, you shouldn’t waste time. You will get the services of highly knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorneys who will represent and defend you before the court until the charges are successfully mitigated in your favor. We will support you by keeping your interests at heart.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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