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Sierra Madre DUI AttorneyAnyone that is facing a DUI conviction should not plead guilty in an attempt to get through one of these situations as quickly as possible.  The penalties that come as a result of a DUI could follow a driver for the rest of their life. More drivers than ever are walking out of the Sierra Madre courthouse with a conviction under their belt and California continues the trend of arresting and convicting drivers of DUIs at a staggering rate.  Millions of dollars are invested into DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols every year, and this means that it is going to take only a momentary lapse in judgment for drivers to find themselves with handcuffs on.

The initial court fines, which can often be as high as $1,000, are only the beginning for those convicted of a DUI.  The true financial burden of a DUI often does not come for months down the road when a driver attempts to acquire car insurance and finds that their rates are doubled or tripled.

Many counties also require a mandatory jail sentence that can be as short as 48 hours or as long as a year in the case of repeat offenders.  There will also be 3 to 5 years of informal probation, months of sobriety classes, and a suspension of the license that can last for up to 10 years.

No matter how overwhelming these charges may seem, there is no situation that is beyond repair with the assistance of one of our experienced and effective DUI attorneys.  We have built are unparalleled reputation by taking on all of the most difficult DUI cases and still investing the time and energy that is required to produce positive results for every one of our clients.

If you thought you were safe to drive after just a few drinks, think again. California’s laws regarding DUI are some of the toughest in the country. This means that even if your blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is below the per se, or legal, limit of 0.08 percent, if a police officer believes the alcohol has affected your driving ability, he or she may still arrest and charge you with a DUI. If you are facing DUI charges, our DUI attorney in Sierra Madre can help. The per se alcohol limit is even lower for some people, such as those under the age of 21 or commercial drivers. Using illegal drugs, certain prescription medications, and over-the-counter medications such as antihistamines and decongestants may also lead to DUI charges.

Any combination of drugs and alcohol may also lead to DUI charges. Our DUI lawyer in Sierra Madre has defended many others just like you who were facing DUI charges and can help you, too. In some cases, you may be facing even more serious penalties than the average person arrested on DUI charges. These are called sentence enhancements, and they are applied to those who are facing their second or third DUI conviction or who were speeding or who had an excessive BAC at the time of their arrest.

Even without these added penalties, a DUI conviction can seriously disrupt your life. Our Sierra Madre DUI attorney can fight aggressively to ensure you have the best possible representation at both your civil and criminal hearings. Experienced representation is essential, since a conviction will remain on your record. Educational facilities, employers, the military, and creditors will all have access to your record through background checks. Your best chance of keeping this record clean is by fighting back. Our Sierra Madre DUI lawyer is on your side and has the knowledge to help you fight more effectively. Find out more about your options by scheduling your consultation with our DUI lawyer in Sierra Madre today.

About Sierra Madre

The wonderful landscape of San Gabriel Mountains foothills host Sierra Madre. The town is located near Arcadia, and it allows the residents to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the natural surroundings and thrills of outdoor activities in the National Forests of Los Angeles. Sierra Madre made up to the list of All American Cities in 2007, and it provided the city with the recognition as the perfect residential place for people who wish to live in the peaceful surroundings but at the same time desire close proximity to the big city. The residents can reach Los Angeles without the need to drive too far.

The 500 feet wisteria vine located in Sierra Madre is very popular among the local residents and in fact, provides identity to the city to be known as Wisteria City. The community celebrates this landmark by organizing an annual wisteria festival with lots of activities such as carnival rides, school artwork, vendor exhibits, exotic foods and many more. Sierra Madre is also known for the smallest bed and breakfast Inn with only one room. The bed and breakfast facility is called Jailhouse Inn because of its location in the old jail.

Steps to Abide by When You’re Seeking a Sierra Madre DUI Attorney

Sierra Madre serve as the most ideal residential location for people who wish close proximity to the big city. The residents of Sierra Madre can reach Los Angeles by taking a short drive from their home and engage in numerous activities, including the fun and entertainment opportunities and access to professional services such as doctors and DUI attorneys.

DUI Attorneys Sierra MadreYou may have sufficiently strong capabilities to take large quantities of alcoholic beverages without feeling drunk or engaging in any drunken behavior. So you can feel absolutely fine after consuming alcoholic beverages but California DUI Criminal Laws doesn’t recognize your capabilities, and if you fail to understand this factor during your stay in Sierra Madre, you may end up behind bars on charges of drunk driving. If anything like that happens to you, don’t forget to call 424-835-3040 for engaging the highly knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorneys. Our team of professional attorneys will start working on your case right from the moment you call to us and work out a strong defense strategy to successfully mitigate your drunk-driving charges so that you can have all the fun and freedom in your life.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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