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States are Forced into Enacting DUI Laws or Else Risk Losing Funding

Last Updated on April 27, 2024 by DALA Guest Author

In the United States, laws are made based on the States are Forced into Enacting DUI Laws or Else Risk Losing Fundingneed for these laws and how effective they will be in improving safety or reducing crime, right?  Not with driving under the influence and other alcohol-related laws.

With the influence of MADD and politicians who are trying to win elections, the states are often strong-armed into enacting laws that are arbitrary or aren’t needed to protect citizens.

Open Container Laws

Open container laws are just one example of laws that don’t really do any good in the fight against drunk drivers.  Open container laws mean that it is illegal for drivers to have an open container of alcohol anywhere in a vehicle where it can be reached while operating the vehicle.  An open container can be anything included a bottle flask, or other container used to hold alcohol.  The driver doesn’t even have to be holding the container; it can be anywhere in the car that the driver can possibly reach.  Do you think a driver could reach the back dashboard while driving?  Probably not, but open container laws don’t take that common sense into consideration.  Many states enacted open container laws simply because the federal government mandated that these laws be put into effect or else federal funding for maintaining roadways in each state would be jeopardized.

The same thing happened with each state enacting laws that allow the driver’s license agency to automatically suspend the license of anyone arrested for DUI.  Notice that the license of anyone arrested for DUI has their license confiscated; the licensing agency doesn’t even wait to see if each person is convicted or exonerated of the charges.  States enacted these laws so that they did not lose needed federal funding for maintaining and repairing roadways.  When the states start risking the loss of needed funding, it’s only natural that legislators will introduce stricter DUI laws to appease politicians and members of MADD.  If you’ve been charged with DUI in California, contact a Los Angeles DUI lawyer as soon as possible so you can get a qualified legal professional to help you with your case.

DALA Guest Author
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