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Why a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

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Every criminal case is unique, the services of a specialist who can assess the situation and deal with the variables in the case is an absolute necessity. The driving laws of the states are becoming strict with harsh punishments. A criminal defendant needs a representation which is specific to the case in order to get the justice. Suspension of license, serving jail term, payment of huge fines and criminal convictions could really spoil one’s future and employment opportunities. Engaging a Criminal Defense Lawyer who specializes in drunk driving case becomes important in making a difference.

What can a defense lawyer do ?

A Defense Lawyer is appointed by the counsel on a request from the accused who cannot afford the fee normally charged by the lawyers. Where the accused can afford he employs a defense lawyer on his behalf in private. The defense lawyer so appointed takes up the case on behalf of the defendant or the accused.

  • He helps the defendant to overcome the fear caused by criminal proceedings and makes him regain his self esteem by describing the situation, the consequence and the strategy to be adopted to fight in favor of the defendant.
  • Being a person experienced in the court proceedings and customs he has better knowledge in dealing with the procedures.
  • The aspect of dealing with the respective public prosecutors in reducing the sentence and the intensity of proceedings is generally done by the defense lawyer.
  • Update knowledge in legal provisions and loop holes in the criminal law enables the lawyer to prepare a suitable defense strategy for the defendant.
  • Gathering information from the prosecution witnesses.

Source – Criminal Defense Lawyers

Competent and Experienced lawyers can be chosen from the members of the National Association of Criminal Defense and the National College of Driving Under Influence (DUI) defense. It is important to choose those lawyers who have a dedicated practice in DUI cases, as they will be updated in the Driving Laws and DUI consequences. A right choice will both save your license and reduce your charge.

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