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Azusa DUI LawyerWhether it was a momentary lapse in judgment or a faulty reading by a Breathalyzer, DUIs are a serious possibility for even the most diligent of drivers. When the final charge does happen, many individuals hope that they may be able to pay a quick fine and move on with their life. What most drivers do not realize is that some of the penalties associated with a DUI could negatively impact all facets of their life for 10 years or more.

California may be one of the most iconic places in the world, but it is also home to some startling DUI statistics. More money is spent on DUI patrols and checkpoints in California than any other state. The initial fine by the judge may be as low as $500, a price that many would be willing to pay to move past this process as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the true cost of one of these convictions will take years to fully understand. License reinstatement fees, impound fees, charges for sobriety programs, and increases to insurance premiums could cost a driver $10,000 in the long run. Individuals will also find themselves with a lengthy license suspension, informal probation, and the potential for time in jail.

No matter how hopeless your charge may seem, there is no case that is ever beyond repair. We are familiar with the Azusa courthouse, judges, and law enforcement agencies and we understand what strategies are going to work for our clients no matter their circumstances. Contact us today and begin the process of protecting your license and your finances.

Azusa DUI Lawyer

In California, if you have been arrested for a DUI, you will be facing both criminal and civil cases. Your criminal charges will likely consist of a DUI charge for driving under the influence and a charge for driving with a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, of 0.08 percent or more. This is known as a per se offense. You do not have to face these charges alone; our DUI attorney in Azusa can help.

Although you can be convicted of both charges under California DUI law, you can only be punished for one. A first offense can lead to fines, jail time of between four days and six months, and state-approved alcohol offender’s programs. You may also be required to perform community service or complete probation. Our Azusa DUI attorney can represent you and ensure your rights are protected. Some DUI cases include aggravating factors, also known as enhancements. These involve more severe penalties. Sentence enhancements can include:

  • Having a child under the age of 14 in the vehicle at the time of the arrest
  • Speeding 20 or more miles per hour above the speed limit
  • Having a prior DUI conviction in the past 10 years
  • Refusing to submit to chemical testing

Sentence enhancements may include longer jail times or license suspensions or felony DUI charges, which are punishable by imprisonment. Because the punishments can be so severe, the assistance of our experienced DUI lawyer in Azusa can be invaluable.

Civil penalties will also apply. The California Department of Motor Vehicles automatically suspends an individual’s driver’s license at the time of the arrest. The arresting officer will issue you a Notice of Suspension, which provides you with permission to drive for 30 days. You have the right to request an Administrative Hearing, but you must do so within 10 calendar days of receiving this notice, or you will have no further recourse for contesting the suspension. Our Azusa DUI lawyer can represent you at this hearing and present your case. Our DUI attorney in Azusa can represent you from the time of your arrest until the conclusion of your case and will work to help you clear your name and restore your driving privileges. Contact our DUI lawyer in Azusa today to schedule your consultation.

About Azusa

Azusa hosts people across the cultural groups, and the residents are proud of representing a world community in the true sense. The residents of this so-called Canyon City, don’t miss any opportunity of getting together. The vast ranges of fun entertainment activities equally support the hectic business activities. The city also hosts highly professional and experienced DUI attorneys. So, if you are charged with drunk driving for any reasons while residing in Azusa, you don’t have to feel scared as qualified DUI attorneys are there to help you.

The residents of Azusa get the opportunity to participate in many youth and adult sports leagues. The leagues provide the required platform to meet new people and know your competitive streak by accepting the challenge of fellow competitors. You can also get into perfect shape to support your sporting hobby.

The Memorial Park Gymnasium provides the opportunity for the residents to test their skills in basketball. The drop in basketball is most suitable for those who want some physical exercise with fun. You don’t need the skills of Michael Jordan to participate in the game of drop-in basketball, and this makes it quite interesting for the residents.

DUI Attorneys AzusaThere are many parks in Azusa and the residents can spend a few hours in the company of their loved ones in these parks. The parks are perfect for family picnic and fun, but you can also play a game of tennis if you want to. Some parks also support horseshoes games where you can play some easy game and enjoy a barbeque while relaxing with your friends and family.

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Azusa community is equipped with state of the art services to support the residents in their activities. So, if you need the services of an attorney to defend the charges of drunk driving, you can hire a highly professional DUI lawyer. They will certainly work out strong defense strategies to help you in mitigating the criminal charges and live a normal life without any limitations being imposed upon you. Without the help and support of an experienced DUI attorney, you may end up losing your driver license and face other penal provisions relating to criminal offense. The city is not going to show any mercy! However, you can get the help and support from an experienced attorney.

If you are bent up to have fun in Azusa, never forget to memorize or keep the number of your DUI attorney. This will save you in case you really get in trouble and need legal support.

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