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Glendora DUI Attorney

Glendora DUI AttorneyThe moment that a driver has been placed in restraints and officially charged with a DUI, it may feel as if the conviction already took place. Those first few hours or even days after one of these devastating charges can quickly become a blur, but our team of legal specialists is here to help. If you have recently been charged with a DUI in Glendora, it is time to give us a call and begin the process of protecting your rights and your license.

Due to the massive income that DUI convictions bring, the state has made these charges as confusing and convoluted as possible. While drivers are entitled to a DMV hearing if an appointment is made within the first few days of the charge, most do not realize the importance of this often overlooked step of the case.

Before you enter the Glendora courthouse it is time to take a look as some of the life-altering penalties that are the result of a DUI conviction. The initial fines and fees will generally exceed $1,000, a price that may seem acceptable for those that wish to get through their ordeal as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the penalties. After all of the fines and fees for an impounded car, bail, the ticket itself, a license reinstatement, increases to insurance premiums and the sobriety program, the final costs could easily exceed $10,000. There is also going to be a major blemish to the driver’s record, a lengthy license suspension, and 3 to 5 years of probation.

If these types of penalties are unmanageable and unacceptable for you, it is time to make a call. Our network of experienced DUI attorneys have worked extensively with all local judges, courthouses, and law enforcement agencies and understand the techniques and strategies that will work. No matter how difficult your case may seem, we are prepared to devote the time and energy to reducing or removing all penalties and charges.

Glendora DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in California, you need to call our DUI attorney in Glendora as soon as possible. Drivers who are arrested for DUI have their driver’s licenses confiscated and receive a Notice of Suspension, which provides them with temporary driving privileges for 30 days. However, if they do not contest the suspension within 10 calendar days of receiving this notice, their driver’s licenses will be suspended for a minimum of four months. Our Glendora DUI attorney can represent you at your Administrative Hearing with the DMV so that you can contest your license suspension and fight to regain your driving privileges. DUIs apply to anyone who is suspected of having a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, of 0.08 percent or more. If the individual is below the age of 21, the limit is 0.01 percent or above. Drivers who refuse to take a chemical test, which refers to either a blood or breath test, will have their driver’s licenses automatically suspended, also known as an administrative suspension. If you have been arrested for a DUI, our Glendora DUI lawyer can help.

Because the penalties associated with a DUI can be severe, the assistance of a seasoned Glendora DUI attorney is essential. You may be facing not just a license suspension or revocation but also mandatory alcohol education programs, probation or jail time, and other punishments related to your conviction. If you have a professional license or a commercial driver’s license, it may be at risk. Our DUI lawyer in Glendora will represent you and defend you against the charges you are facing. A conviction for DUI can affect many areas of your life, which is why it is so essential that you seek qualified representation from our DUI attorney in Glendora. A conviction will show up on future background checks, including those for educational and employment purposes or military or government purposes. It can even strain your personal life. Fight back against your DUI charges with the help of our experienced DUI lawyer in Glendora.

Glendora is known for its strong educational system, flourishing business, big employers and countless activities. The residents experience a great time in this city. However, the same system strikes with full force when you are charged for drunk driving and your idyllic lifestyle suddenly faces a serious jolt. From the unfortunate moment when you are pulled over, you will persistently experience worries of how you will be able to defend yourself in the court. The attitude of the community and the impending consequences of criminal proceedings will worsen your fears into real nightmares. Your DUI defense attorney can provide you a way out from both your legal and social problems. You should promptly hire your DUI defense attorney to manage your affairs related to DUI charges and devote some time with the community by engaging in wholesome activities to control the damage, and you will soon realize that people will no longer have that callous attitude towards you.

For instance, you can head towards the local golf courses for playing golf. You can play with high profile big boys if you are fortunate enough to be part of the Glendora Country Club. The golf courses not only provide the opportunity to mix with the community for damage control but also let you enjoy fun and entertainment.
Glendora provides numerous opportunities of mixing with the community by going out on the trails and spend some time with friends and fellow users. You can interact with them and make new friends. The horseback riding or hiking also provides similar opportunities. You can reconnect with the community to successfully create the impression that DUI charges don’t mean that you are a careless person, and your contribution to the community is duly recognized.

Contact our Glendora DUI Attorney for a Complimentary Consultation

While you contribute to the community of Glendora, your experienced DUI attorney will work out the appropriate strategies to successfully defend you before the court. Your attorney will use every possible strategy to successfully mitigate your charges. Once your charges of driving under the influence are settled, you will regain your freedom and even better social life as you have renewed your ties with the community.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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