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Cerritos DUI Attorney

Cerritos DUI AttorneyA DUI is going to immediately put a driver’s reputation, bank account, and license on the line. One of these convictions could haunt a driver for years on end and could negatively impact almost every facet of their life. We believe that everyone deserves time and energy from a network of the leading DUI specialists in the country.

Receiving a ticket is going to be an inevitable event for almost every driver. Many of these tickets can be taken care of by paying a fine or even simply attending driving school. In the case of a DUI or DWI, things are going to be much different. This charge comes dangerously close to a felony and it will forever change a driver’s life.The initial costs associated with a DUI quickly exceed $1,000 or more. This does not include the years of increased insurance premiums and sobriety classes that will eventually cost a driver $10,000 or more. For those that require the use of their vehicle every single day, they will find themselves struggling with a lengthy license suspension, informal probation, and the potential to even be spending time in jail.

Walking out of the Cerritos courthouse, drivers that forgo legal representation may be in for some unmanageable penalties. For over a decade, we have worked with all local courthouses and judges in the area. We understand what tactics to use while building our clients a personalized and effective case. It is this experience that sets us apart from other law firms and offers drivers a chance to get their lives back in line.

If you have recently been charged with a DUI and are unsure of where to turn, give us a call today to protect your record, your finances, and your ability to drive.Being arrested for driving under the influence is more than a mere traffic violation, and if you are facing DUI charges, the assistance of our experienced DUI attorney in Cerritos can help you. DUI laws in California are notoriously complex, and punishments are harsh. DUI charges may apply if any of the following apply:

  • You are over 21 and have a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, of 0.08 percent or above.
  • You are under 21 and have a BAC of 0.01 percent or above.
  • You are a commercial driver and have a BAC of 0.04 percent or above.
  • You have any impairment due to prescription, over-the-counter, or illegal drugs.
  • You have any impairment due to a combination of alcohol and medications or illegal drugs.

You do not have to face a DUI alone. Our Cerritos DUI attorney can represent you in your civil proceedings at the DMV and assist you as you contest your license suspension as well as at any criminal proceedings you may also be facing.

Our DUI attorney in Cerritos has extensive experience in fighting DUI charges. DUI penalties range from fines and probation to jail time and mandatory offender’s programs. Your license may be suspended or even revoked through the court, which is separate from the DMV’s actions. A conviction for DUI will remain on your permanent record, where it will continue to appear on background checks throughout your future. This can affect your educational and employment opportunities and appear to military and governmental entities. A DUI conviction will also increase the number of points against your driver’s license and lead to increased insurance rates. The best way to reduce the risks associated with a DUI conviction is to contact a seasoned DUI attorney like our DUI lawyer in Cerritos to learn about your options. Our Cerritos DUI lawyer can fight to have the charges reduced or dropped or work towards alternative sentencing arrangements. Although a DUI conviction can have a profound impact on your life, not fighting it can be even worse.

About Cerritos

Cerritos is a wonderful city that thrives on the creative moorings of its residents. The community has a remarkably strong preference for art and creativity but the residents also enjoy equally inclusive opportunities to engage in outdoor activities. The combination of arts, creativity and fun makes this city a perfect place to live.

The Sculpture Garden is home to some fine works of art and provides an identity for the city. Since its inception in 2006, the garden showcases its collection of public artworks. If you ever visit this scripture garden, you will get the opportunity to see the world from an artist’s perspective. The grounds as well as the sculptures such as the Statue of Freedom, Cerritos Art Disaster Memorial and many others are the works to admire. The beautiful trees and stone walls create such a wonderful outside ambiance that it’s a treat to visit the garden in itself.

As already mentioned, the city thrives on art and creativity and therefore, you will find artwork everywhere you go in Cerritos. The street corners, the shopping center and many other places display some remarkable and it’s almost impossible to visit a place in Cerritos that doesn’t reflect the community’s passion towards art and creativity.

Los Angeles County Law Firm with a Professional Cerritos DUI Attorney

The community also nurtures its passion for outdoor activities, and you cannot ignore the temptation to participate in these outdoor activities during your stay in Cerritos. Obviously, if you are a golfer, you cannot persistently deny your inner urge for visiting the local golf course. Especially, the 9-hole executive courses are greatly appreciated by the residents, and lots of people visit the golf course for fun and excitement. Similarly, you cannot hold yourself from the natural surroundings of various parks if you love to spend solitary moments with nature and adventure seekers will surely visit Skate Park.

DUI Attorneys CerritosHowever, when you face charges of DUI, the outdoor activities may become a distant dream. Your peace of mind is disturbed as you persistently perceive the hard reality of statutory confinement. You must have a very strong defense strategy in order to escape the severe consequences of criminal proceedings of DUI. Therefore, if you face any charged for DUI, it becomes extremely important to promptly contact a reliable Cerritos DUI attorney. The help and support of reputed DUI attorneys will provide you better chances of putting up a strong defense against DUI charges. Once the DUI attorney handles your DUI charges, you can start enjoying your normal life and admire the art and creativity of the community.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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