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Hawaiian Gardens DUI LawyerCalifornia’s law enforcement agencies continue to make DUI arrests at a staggering rate while judges are pressing for maximum penalties on all cases.  This means that a single drink with dinner or an inaccurate Breathalyzer test could lead to a messy legal situation that will forever haunt a driver.  If you have recently been charged with a DUI, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin today to see just how important an experienced legal specialist is going to be to you.

Before ever stepping into the Hawaiian Gardens courthouse, all drivers should understand that there is only a short window in which they can request a DMV hearing, the first step in protecting themselves and their license.  It is also important to figure out one’s legal representation at this time as all information that is pertinent to the arrest will be shared at this hearing.

If a conviction does in fact take place, even first-time offenders are going to be looking at huge financial obligations.  Initial fines can exceed $1,000 with hundreds of dollars needed for sobriety classes, ignition interlock devices, and license reinstatement fees. Those that are not immediately dropped from their insurance can expect their rates to be doubled or even tripled for 10 years or longer.

On top of the financial penalties, every DUI comes with an immediate suspension of the license. Repeat offenders that do not lose their license permanently can have their ability to drive revoked for as long as 10 years.  If you are not ready to deal with these staggering penalties alone, the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin is here to assist you.  We are proud to be able to take on even the most difficult of cases and produce positive verdicts for every single one of our clients.  Contact us today to protect your record, your finances, and your license.

A DUI arrest can be life altering. If you have been arrested on DUI charges, our DUI attorney in Hawaiian Gardens can help. You have just 10 calendar days to request an Administrative Hearing. This hearing is your opportunity to contest your license suspension or request a restricted license. The hearing is not the same as a trial. The hearing officer will only determine topics associated with your arrest, including:

  • Whether the traffic stop was reasonable
  • Your blood alcohol concentration
  • If you were arrested
  • If you refused the chemical tests

Although the civil proceedings are entirely separate from the criminal proceedings, our DUI lawyer in Hawaiian Gardens can represent you at both. The criminal proceedings can lead to a number of heavy penalties. California’s DUI laws are some of the strictest in the country, which means you may be facing:

  • Jail time
  • License suspension or revocation• Mandatory educational programs• Probation
  • Fines of up to $1,000
  • Community Service

Sentence enhancements may apply if you had an excessive BAC level, had a child under the age of 14 present in your vehicle at the time of your arrest, were driving at an excessive rate of speed, or have a history of DUI convictions. Our Hawaiian Gardens DUI lawyer will work to ensure your rights are protected whether you were under 21 at the time of your arrest, a commercial driver, or are facing sentence enhancements. Our Hawaiian Gardens DUI attorney will fight aggressively to have your charges reduced or dropped. You may also qualify for alternative sentencing arrangements that can allow you to get back to your everyday life with as little disruption as possible. When you are facing DUI charges, you should know you are not alone. Our DUI lawyer in Hawaiian Gardens has helped many others just like you, including drivers who were under the combined influence of drugs and alcohol, drivers who had an excessive BAC, commercial drivers, drivers who were under 21, and many more. Learn more about your options or schedule your consultation by contacting our DUI attorney in Hawaiian Gardens today.

About Hawaiian Gardens

Hawaiian Gardens is the smallest city in Los Angeles County. Generally, people suffer from the misconception that smaller cities don’t have much to do. Unfortunately, if you get pulled over for drunk driving in Hawaiian Gardens, people might even smile in amusement that how can you get charged for DUI in such a small city.

If you are lucky to spend some time in Hawaiian Gardens, you will understand that you are equally at risk for getting pulled over on charges of DUI. The residents pride in their city is not based on any fragile grounds, and they will tell you countless activities that Hawaiian Gardens offer to its residents. These activities, including fun and entertainment make them equally susceptible to get carried away while having a good time just like any big city.

Hawaiian Gardens Casino is one such example which, in fact, acts like hotspot in the city. No limits Texas hold ‘em Tournaments and progressive drawings of poker seven days a week attracts lots of residents to the Casino. The residents get tempted to have some drinks while at the poker table that can really add up sufficient alcohol in their bloodstream as they sit for hours. The circumstances can lead to charges of drunk driving while going back to the home.

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The Casino temptation is not the only situation to get carried away while your stay in Hawaiian Gardens. There can be numerous scenarios, you might be simply driving around the city seeking some fun and entertainment or returning from any parks when you get pulled away on the charges of DUI.

It hardly matters who made the mistake or how you got pulled away; the real question is how you are going to deal with the charges of DUI. You are, in fact, making a big mistake and landing yourself in big trouble by fostering an attitude that everything will be ok or the public defender will help you out.

DUI Attorneys Hawaiian GardensYou should promptly call reliable private DUI attorneys to manage your criminal proceedings. The extensive experience and knowledge of California DUI jurisdiction is required to successfully mitigate the charges of driving under the influence and settle the case with no or the least possible consequences.

The rationality lies in hiring reliable professional DUI attorneys unless you want to try your lady luck by risking your life and freedom. If you do have courage to try your lady luck, be prepared to spend your days in statutory confinement in county jail, in case she denies you any favor. It will take long time to breathe again in the free air of Hawaiian Gardens if you are holed up at home or jail without any driving privileges.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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