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Claremont DUI AttorneyNo matter how cautious a driver may be, mistakes can always happen. Whether it is an inexperienced law enforcement officer administering a test incorrectly or a single drink at dinner, DUIs are issued at an alarming rate. California has also become notorious for issuing maximum penalties, even on first time offenders. If you have recently been charged with a DUI, protect your rights with an experienced attorney.

DUIs are unlike any other ticket that is handed out on the road. It blurs the line of simple infraction and full criminal act. Due to the amount of DUI deaths that take place every year, many judges push for the maximum fines, fees, and other penalties on every single case. Before taking a step inside the Claremont courthouse, it is important for all drivers to understand just how a DUI conviction will affect them.

For a single offense with no other extenuating circumstances, individuals will be looking at up to a $1,000 fine, over a year of sobriety classes, a 4 month license suspension, license reinstatement fees, 3 to 5 years of informal probation, and 10 years of increased insurance premiums. In total, this may cost $10,000 or more. For repeat offenders, or if there were any factors that enhanced the charges, a DUI can quickly become a full felony case and require a lengthy amount of time in jail.

No matter the reasons for the DUI or the circumstances surrounding the arrest, drivers are always entitled to legal representation. We have years of experience working with all local courthouses, judges, and law enforcement agencies to guarantee that you have the best chance at walking away from one of these charges with your license and your record intact.If you have been arrested on DUI charges, you do not have time on your side. In fact, you only have 10 calendar days, fewer than two weeks, during which you can request an Administrative Hearing to contest your license suspension. You are not alone, however. Our DUI attorney in Claremont can help.

Our Claremont DUI lawyer can assist you at your Administrative Hearing and in the days ahead, where you will be facing the criminal charges associated with DUI. A DUI arrest immediately generates a DUI record, which is registered in a criminal database. A conviction will result in a permanent criminal record, which can be accessible to colleges, current and potential employers, and the military and other government entities. Only by fighting them might you be able to prevent these charges from becoming a part of your permanent record, and our DUI lawyer in Claremont can help. Our Claremont DUI attorney can craft a defense that will protect your rights and may be able to preserve your ability to drive.

You will also need to fight against a DUI conviction to avoid facing the severe penalties associated with California DUI law. Steep fines, mandatory offender’s programs, probation, community service, or jail time may all result from a DUI conviction. If you are facing sentence enhancements due to having had an accident that involved injuries or had a history of DUI convictions, your penalties may be even more severe. Our Claremont DUI lawyer can work towards having your charges reduced or dismissed or negotiate a plea or alternative sentencing arrangements. Our DUI lawyer in Claremont can help you throughout the civil proceedings as well as the criminal proceedings you will be facing. If you are convicted, you may even be able to have your record expunged. Time is of the essence, however, so contact our DUI attorney in Claremont today to find out more about your options or to schedule your consultation.

Frightening nightmares may haunt you if you are charged for drunk driving. The charges of DUI involve quite serious consequences, and it may completely disturb your life. If you have no support from a qualified attorney, the criminal proceeding may hold your life and future prospects. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to engage highly reputed and successful DUI attorneys if you happen to be a resident of Claremont. The attorneys will effectively manage your DUI case and present a successful defense strategy as they hold extensive knowledge of California DUI laws and jurisdiction. You can mitigate the charges of DUI with the help of the reliable DUI attorney and easily get back our life to enjoy activities in your hometown.

When you are charged for driving under the influenced under any circumstances, hundreds of questions start spinning your head as you are persistently worried regarding the criminal proceedings. You lose your peace of mind and cannot participate or enjoy your social life and the special events of Claremont. Obviously, as the responsible member of the community, you are supposed to have a good social life and enjoy the festivals and celebrations of Claremont that are meant to spread joy and happiness throughout the year.

The knowledgeable DUI attorneys help you to understand your rights and take care of your worries by formulating strong defense strategy for your DUI case. Once your worries as well as the criminal proceedings of DUI are handled by an experienced attorney, you will get sufficient time to start enjoying your social life again and take part in various celebrations like Spring Festivals, 4th of July Celebrations, Halloween and the winter season. You can also spend time in parks and enjoy the concerts and movies that are organized on various occasions.

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When your attorney successfully clears your DUI charges, you can afford to spend some time with the natural surroundings of the Claremont Hillsides Wilderness Park. Opened in 1996 and spreading over an area of 1’140 acres, the park provides the opportunity to closely observe different plant and wildlife species. You will not face any difficulty in walking through the park when your DUI charges are settled and driving privileges are restored.

Contacting the experienced and reputed DUI attorneys of Claremont is the best option to retain the smile and happiness in your life when you are charged with the offense of DUI. The revocation of the charges or the least possible penalties will allow you to move on with your life and enjoy the social life and celebrations of Claremont.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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