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La Verne DUI LawyerAll drivers that are facing serious DUI charges are going to need an experienced legal specialist by their side. If an individual does walk out of the La Verne courthouse with a conviction, they are going to be facing penalties that are going to negatively impact every aspect of their life for 10 years or longer.

A DUI conviction is something that no driver is ever going to want to experience. Beginning with the initial arrest, most individuals are going to find themselves with huge financial obligations that could stretch on for years on end. The initial fines from the DMV and the court could exceed $1,000 for a first time offender. The increases to insurance premiums over the course of 5 years could be as much as two or three times higher than basic coverage. This could cost a driver $10,000 or more in the long run.

On top of the financial obligations, drivers will also immediately have their license suspended, be placed on probation for up to 5 years, and be required to attend sobriety classes for up to 2 years. In order to avoid these serious penalties, our team of legal specialists is here to help. We are familiar with all local courthouses, judges, law enforcement agencies, and laws. This puts us in the perfect position to create an airtight case that is going to reduce or completely remove these charges and allow a driver to get back on with their life.

If you have recently received a DUI and are not ready to accept these life-altering penalties, contact our law offices today.

It is late at night, and you are tired and ready to get home. Unfortunately, you just caught a glimpse of flashing lights in your rearview mirror. What happens now? A DUI arrest can be a humiliating, uncomfortable experience. You may be ready to pay your fines and just get on with your life, but is that the right decision? Our DUI attorney in La Verne can help you determine what the next best step for your personal situation may be. DUI convictions can lead to both immediate and long-term consequences. After you have paid your fines, gotten your license reinstated, completed your offender’s educational programs, and finished any jail programs, you will still discover new consequences to your one-night mistake. Your conviction will have led to a permanent mark on your criminal record that will continue to reappear at the most awkward of moments. Our La Verne DUI attorney can represent you and fight to have the charges you face reduced or even dropped.

Our DUI lawyer in La Verne can represent you not just at your criminal proceedings but also at your civil Administrative Hearing, where you can contest your license suspension or request a restricted license so that you can continue driving to and from work. With the assistance of our La Verne DUI lawyer, you may be able to receive alternative sentencing arrangements as you begin to get your life back on track after the initial shock of your DUI arrest.

Our DUI attorney in La Verne will work hard to help you move beyond your DUI arrest, defend your rights in court if that is what you decide to do, and work towards recovering your life. Whether you are facing charges for your first offense or third offense, you are under 21 or over 21, or you are a commercial or private driver, we can help. Contact us today to learn about your options or to schedule your consultation with our DUI lawyer in La Verne.

About La Verne

La Verne is the prefect place for a very comfortable city lifestyle amid the healthy environments of rural landscape. The city is located midways between Los Angeles and Rancho Cucamonga. La Verne offers everything the residents may need within its boundaries and while residing at La Verne you don’t really have to move out of the town for fun and entertainment. Many restaurants around the corner particularly take care of those residents who have an unending quest for dining out in order to satisfy their desire for exotic delicacies. But you always have the added advantage to reach Los Angeles within an hour if you wish to enjoy the shopping experience of the Glamour-laden city, Hollywood lifestyle or the comforts of the beach. However, you should be careful not to get carried away under the intoxicating temptations of alcoholic beverages, particularly when you plan for a night out to Los Angeles. The distance of 30 miles is sufficient enough to increase your chances of getting caught behind the wheels and arrested for drunk driving.

DUI Attorneys La VerneLa Verne Old Towne will surely take you back in history. The buildings still proudly represent the architectural glory of 1906. The markets with different shops in Ole Towne maintain the cultural legacy and regularly organized vintage car shows. You can visit the market to feel the history of La Verne. Marshall Canyon Gold Course not only provides fun with the link, but you also get the opportunity to enjoy the eye-catching landscape and exotic wildlife, specifically during the morning hours.

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La Verne Heritage Park and La Verne Mansion is very popular tourist attractions that were, in fact, orange groves native to the area. The old manor houses amid the orange trees provide such a wonderful experience, which is bound to linger in your memories.

Your treasured memories and fun-filled hours may crash if you get charged for drunk driving. If this happens to you under any circumstances, you have to find an experienced DUI attorney for strongly representing your case before the court. You cannot take the risk by relying on just any lawyer or attorney as they may not have sufficient professional expertise to defend you with top priority. You need to promptly call (310) 846-8283 for hiring highly professional and knowledgeable DUI attorneys who manage everything related to DUI charges until you successfully hold back your life and freedom.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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