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Downey DUI AttorneyMost drivers are going to go through a wide range of emotions once they have been charged with a DUI.  After the handcuffs go on, there are going to be a lot of questions going through their head.  Will I get to keep my license?  How long will I be in jail?  Will my employer know what happened? Will I get my car back?  These are the tough questions that drivers face and the exact one’s that our team of DUI specialists plans to answer.

After bail has been made or drivers receive that notice of a court date, without an expert DUI attorney by your side, you are going to be in for a civil or criminal case that could change your life forever.

If a driver does walk out of the Downey Courthouse with a DUI conviction, the first thing their mind will most likely turn to is finances.  The initial fines and fees may only run a few thousand dollars, but the increases to insurance rates and the handful of other associated costs could run into the range of $12,000 or more over the course of five years.

Judges will also be ordering convicted drivers to join sobriety programs for multiple years, issuing license suspensions, and possibly even time in jail.  No matter how severe these DUI penalties seem, the situation is never out of control or irreparable.

Our network of DUI attorneys has experience working with all local judges, courthouses, and law enforcement agencies.  They understand the exact methods that will and will not work to produce a positive verdict for our clients. We understand just how traumatic, complex, and overwhelming a DUI charge can be.  Contact us today to get through this ordeal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Downey DUI Lawyer

If you are facing DUI charges, our DUI attorney in Downey can help. Whether you are facing your Administrative Hearing, seeking a restricted license, fighting criminal charges, or attempting to clear your record, you need experienced representation. You may be facing charges for driving under the influence if:

  • You are driving with any amount of alcohol in your system.
  • You have more than 0.03 percent blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, and you are over 21, you may be arrested immediately.
  • You are under 21 and have more than 0.01 percent BAC.
  • You have any prescription or over-the-counter medications in your system than may have impaired your ability to drive.
  • You have any illegal substances in your system.

The prosecuting attorney may consider aggravating factors when filing DUI charges against you. Aggravating factors may include whether or not there was an accident at the time of your arrest, whether or not anyone else was injured, your total BAC, and any previous history of DUI. Our DUI lawyer in Downey will fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed so that your record is not negatively impacted.

Misdemeanor and felony DUI charges carry with them serious penalties. You may be facing punitive fines, a one-year license suspension, mandatory alcohol education programs, or incarceration. You may suffer consequences in your personal or professional life as well, as relationships are strained and professional licenses are at risk. Any potential employer that runs a background check may stumble upon your DUI charge as a part of your criminal record. You have many reasons to fight your DUI charges, and our Downey DUI attorney can help. Our DUI lawyer in Downey may be able to negotiate reduced charges or may be able to have the charges dismissed. Alternative sentencing arrangements may help you avoid some of the more punitive aspects of DUI charges. Although DUI is a serious offense with even more serious penalties, you may be able to keep your record clean with the right representation. Our experienced DUI attorney in Downey can help. Learn more about your alternatives or schedule a consultation with our Downey DUI lawyer today.

About Downey

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The community offers numerous activities for fun and entertainment, and the residents can enjoy any activities they prefer. Downey is home to the world’s oldest Macdonald fast-food restaurant, drawing many residents for its traditional delicacies. The Downey Symphony offers soul touching music to the residents while the Downey Theater is known for some great shows. The residents can enjoy some great moments while shopping at the Stonewood Center.

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Besides the opportunity to attain their maximum growth potential with unprecedented fun and entertainment, the residents of Downey cherish the city for the professional support system. The DUI attorneys of Downey are among the most prominent professional service providers of the city who have gained tremendous reputation for their reliability and success in DUI cases of California. The residents of Downey have access to highly experienced DUI attorneys of California who can successfully mitigate their DUI charges. If you are charged for a DUI under any circumstances, promptly consult your Downey DUI lawyers or attorneys to work out a very strong defense strategy to successfully settle your case with their help and support.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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