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Pico Rivera DUI Attorney

Pico Rivera DUI AttorneyThose drivers that attempt to navigate through the legal system after a DUI charge are going to be in for a shock. This is one of the most severe charges that can take place on the road, and if a conviction does occur, drivers are going to be looking at penalties that will negatively impact every facet of their life.

DUI convictions are unlike almost any other ticket that is handed out. The initial fines and fees coming from the courts and DMV will quickly move past $1,000 or more for a first-time offender. Drivers will also find that their license is immediately suspended for a minimum of 4 months. Additional costs, such as increases to insurance premiums, will be as much as $10,000 over the course of 10 years. Other penalties may include informal probation for up to 5 years, months of a state-approved sobriety program, and the potential for time in prison.

No matter how bad these charges may seem or how hopeless you may feel over your case, our experienced network of attorneys is here to help. We have created our unparalleled reputation by taking on the most difficult of cases and still producing positive results for our clients. Our practice stands apart from the competition due to the fact that we are willing to devote the time and energy into every single client’s case, instead of opting for ineffective, cookie-cutter tactics.

There is going to be a lot on the line when you find yourself standing in front of the judge, and you deserve the legal representation that is going to reduce or remove penalties and get your life back in order.

If you have been arrested or are facing DUI charges, our DUI lawyer in Pico Rivera may be able to help. You need experienced legal advice and representation regardless of whether you are facing an Administrative Hearing, fighting criminal charges, or seeking an expungement to clear your criminal record. DUI charges can apply if an individual has been discovered to be driving:

  • With 0.08 percent or more blood alcohol concentration, or BAC
  • With 0.01percent or more BAC if he or she is under the age of 21
  • With any illegal drugs in his or her system
  • With certain prescription or over-the-counter medications in his or her system
  • With any combination of drugs or alcohol in his or her system

Even as little as 0.03 percent BAC can lead to immediate arrest if it is believed that the alcohol is impairing your ability to drive, and individuals who are addicted to any drug other than methadone legally prescribed for heroin addiction may not legally drive at all. Because the laws in California surrounding DUIs are so complex, the assistance of our Pico Rivera DUI attorney can be invaluable.

Both misdemeanor and felony DUI charges carry severe life-altering consequences. Apart from the heavy fines and mandatory offender’s programs, you may also be facing probation, community service, and jail time or incarceration. If you are a commercial driver, your license may be revoked. Professionals may also lose their licenses. Your conviction will remain on your permanent criminal record, where it will be visible on future background checks for employment or educational purposes. Our DUI attorney in Pico Rivera can defend you against these charges in order to help minimize the potential impact on your life.

Although a DUI is a serious civil and criminal offense with harsh penalties, our DUI lawyer in Pico Rivera will seek to negotiate reduced or dismissed charges. Alternative sentencing may be able to be arranged, which can be beneficial rather than punitive. You do not have to face a DUI alone, and you are not without options. Contact our DUI attorney in Pico Rivera today to schedule your consultation.

About Pico Rivera

The numerous parks and recreational facilities spread over 100 acres of land south of Los Angeles make Pico Rivera the perfect residing venue for people with a flair for outdoor fun. The close proximity to Los Angeles allows the residents to reach the big-city within a few minutes of driving. However, the real fun lies in the outdoor family entertainment opportunities created by various playgrounds and picnic spots with walking trails and wonderful outdoor ambiance. The Pico Rivera Municipal Golf Course provides a rather more structured opportunity to participate in games of nine or eighteen depending on your choice. You don’t need any club memberships to enjoy links in this Municipal Golf course.

Pico Rivera DUI Attorney Defense in the Greater Los Angeles Area

The town is well connected to the beaches and Los Angeles, and the connections confer Pico Rivera with the status of a gateway city. You can take a short drive to Los Angles and enjoy all the activities of big-city life such as exotic cuisines, luxurious shopping and thrilling nightlife. You can also access the highly professional service providers such as the accountants, computer engineers, doctors and lawyers, etc. when you need their services. You can drive to the beach within minutes and enjoy the fun of surfing the waves, water sports or sunbathing. Pico Rivera lets you enjoy the peace and tranquility of the natural surroundings, sensuous and exotic ambience of the pacific beaches and excitements and thrilling nightlife of Los Angeles within the distance of a few minutes drive.

DUI Attorneys Pico RiveraRegardless of your delusion of extended freedom created by the fun and entertainment opportunities, you cannot afford to ignore the California state laws during your stay in . You must ensure that your delusion or irresistible temptations to alcoholic beverages doesn’t lead to your arrest on the charges of drunk driving. The criminal proceedings carry severe consequences if you fail to present a strong defense against the charges. If you do get charged for DUI under any unfortunate circumstances, the best option lies in hiring an experienced DUI attorney to work out a strong defense strategy against these charges. Contact our team of professional attorneys. The extensive knowledge of our attorneys about California DUI jurisprudence and criminal proceedings will ensure your success in defending the charges so that you can again enjoy the true freedom supported by the laws in California.

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Published: February 3, 2014
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