DUI Lawyers and their Expenses

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A DUI Lawyer and a DUI attorney have either specialized or represent a client in the area of criminal law called DUI (Driving under the influence) which is deemed a crime in all of the US. DUI lawyers need to be well versed in DUI laws and well informed in its amendments to be able to efficiently practice the profession.

A DUI attorney upon taking up his client’s case, should fully represent it with his legal skills under ethical grounds. Like any other legal matter, DUI requires clients to hire lawyers to represent them in the court of law, and this process involves fees.

DUI lawyer’s expenses depend on the severity of the DUI offence committed and also on the kind of a lawyer one hires. Contrary to popular belief, not all less charging lawyers perform less work and put fewer skills into a case.
Most DUI attorneys charge their clients on an hourly basis, while some charge a fixed fee amount. Generally on an hourly basis most lawyers estimate $250.00 per hour.

Misdemeanor cases, which are the less serious cases in DUI, can range from $5000.00 to $10,000.00. While Felony DUI charges can go up to $20,000.00, although the figures vary from lawyer-to-lawyer and state to state. Once a DUI attorney is hired, the level of expenses depends largely on whether the case will go to trial or not. Most lawyers will charge more if the case goes to trial and if they have to call upon expert witnesses and put in more legal effort to defend you.

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