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The youth of today are taking to alcohol and drugs a lot. They consider it to be a cool fashion statement. Statistics show that in 2005 alone, around 2694 drivers below 21 years of age were suspended for drunken driving. Parents are aghast and they are at a loss in knowing how to deal with this problem.

How can parents prevent their children from drinking alcohol ?

You are not responsible for the pitfalls that your teenager falls into, but it is your responsibility to try hard to prevent pitfalls in your child’s path.

You can do this by the tips listed below :

  1. Have open and conversational relationship with your teenagers. Treat them like people equal to you; do not treat them as kids. Never scold or punish them in public or in front of friends, relatives or strangers.
  2. Encourage your teenager to bring their friends home. Talk to the friends and get to know them, their parents and family much better.
  3. You should always know where your child is and when he or she is expected to be backing home. Have a curfew hour.
  4. Tell your teenagers that you are doing this not because you don’t trust them but because you care about their safety.

Alcohol and Drugs have become fashion statements among the youth of today. Rash driving, Robbery, Rape and Gang violence- all are considered cool and adventurous. The number one problem that all American States and their other developed counterparts are facing is the vast increase in automobile crashes due to increased cases of DUI (i.e. Driving Under Influence with alcohol or drugs). This has become the leading cause of disability and death in lots of youngsters. To combat this problem, the government has brought into existence the ‘Zero tolerance law ‘.

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